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The “Low Down” on Peak 6

Peak 6 Hiking

Wait, there’s another new peak at Breckenridge? Yes, and it is glorious! Imagine entering a new world, one with expansive bowls and endless glades. 543 acres of new terrain; it sure is beautiful. But before making the trek over to Peak 6, make sure to take note of these runs to get the full experience.

1. Bliss: Bliss is a blue trail, off the Kensho SuperChair, with a great pitch and a beautiful view into the Breckenridge Valley. What I personally love about this trail, however, is the possibilities it invites. You can stay high and cut over towards Peak 7, where you can drop into the tress and find fresh snow. You can even ski right on down into Euphoria and Déjà Vu.

2. Elysian Fields: You can access the Elysian Fields by dropping off to the skier’s left-hand side off the top of the Kensho SuperChair. The Elysian Fields are awesome. They are an intermediate zone that exist above treeline, giving them an immensely vast perception. As you go through the fields, you will be able to enter a variety of options – you can go left over to Wonderland, or you can drop down into Daydream or Nirvana. Check these out!

Peak 6 Skiing 3. Reverie: As you head up the Kensho SuperChair, you will be riding over Reverie, an intermediate run with great turns and corduroy. This trail is my go-to carving run. Half of the run lies above treeline, allowing you to view the beautiful town of Breck before you disappear into the trees for some more turning goodness. If you want to cruise and have a nice mellow run, check this one out, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Hike to Terrain: If you’re feeling adventurous, which I sure hope you are, you should definitely check out the hike-able terrain off the top of the Kensho SuperChair. The are a multitude of options – you can drop into the Beyond Bowl, over towards Peak 5 – yes, Peak 5. Or, you can hike along the top ridge and find yourself at the Serenity Bowl, or over at the Six Senses. This Extreme Terrain is some of Breckenridge’s finest skiing and my personal favorite.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out and go awaken your sixth sense – you’ll definitely be glad you did.

– Cody Cirillo


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