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How to spend New Year’s Eve in Breckenridge, Colorado

Fireworks in Breckenridge, CO.

Besides the cold weather at night, Breckenridge is one of the most exciting places to be on New Year’s Eve. Breck provides a ton of things to do on this wonderful holiday that can make welcoming in the new year very special.

This year, the town has placed a big screen TV in the center of town so that everyone can gather together and watch the ball drop. After the ball drops, the “Yamn” band (a band formed in Breckenridge) will start playing around 7:00 pm. They will also have a band from Portland Oregon, the “Shock Twins,” playing. To top the night off, there are the famous Breckenridge fireworks, which are beautiful against the mountain backdrop.

There are also many bars for adults to go to and enjoy their night. I can’t personally suggest any bars because I am not old enough to go, but I hear that the Liquid Lounge is one of the places to be. three20south will also have something fun happening, I would imagine… I just wish I was old enough to join everyone!

Fireworks in Breckenridge, CO.For my New Year’s Eve I will be hanging with all of my friends playing video games, watching funny movies and trying to find a special New Years kiss ;). I know what you’re thinking,  it sounds like the best night ever!

I will definitely be in town to watch the ball drop so come say “Hi,” and let’s enjoy New Year’s Eve together. Make sure to bundle up, and most importantly have a fun and safe night!




For more information about the fun events happening in Breckenridge on New Years visit breckenridge.com


– Asher Humphreys
(Instagram/ Twitter @asher_humphreys)


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