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Shopping in Breck

Let’s just get one thing out of the way: there are few things as subjective as top 10 lists—especially top 10 lists that have to do with shopping. One woman’s treasure might well be another woman’s trash. And yet. The shopping in Breck is almost as superlative as the skiing. Whether you’re peddling in high-end art or lowbrow humor, Breck shopping has something for everyone. With that disclaimer, I present: the top 10 shops in Breck: 

1. Breck Sports, 127 South Main Street

What distinguishes a good gear shop from a bad one? Customer service, selection, and expertise. You’ll find all that and more at Breck Sports, which prides itself on meeting the needs of all customers—whether they’re buying a brand new ski package or a tube of chapstick. The last time I stopped by to browse goggles, I walked away with encyclopedic insight into the latest innovations, a better understanding of the different brands, and a terrific price on an excellent pair.

2. Art on a Whim, 100 North Main Street

Whimsical and fun, this art gallery demystifies the art buying process, thanks in part to its extensive collection. This shop appeals to serious art collectors and their sillier counterparts. Looking for something comical? No problem. Want to discover an up and coming local artist with big city talent? It’s here. Finally, looking for that piece de resistance to hang over the mantle place? You guessed it…look no further than Art on a Whim.

3. Little Earth Art Studio, 1795 Airport Road

Sure, you come here for the mountain. But everyone has down days, some of us have kids, and still others are simply creative. Welcome to Little Earth Art Studio, where you’ll have your pick of art classes and workshops for little and big people.

4. Valleygirl Boutique, 125 South Main Street

Just because mountain town attire rarely extends beyond fleece vests, sporty hats, and skinny jeans (that is when you’re not on the mountain), doesn’t mean you have to dress like you stepped out of an REI catalog. I love Valleygirl Boutique because there I’ve found unique and adorable skirts, tops, and a scarf that has become like my second skin.

Shopping in Breckenridge5. For Pet’s Sake (Animal Rescue of the Rockies), 203 North Main Street

Call me a dog-lover. And a cat-lover. Generally I’m not a huge fan of thrift stores, but the folks at For Pet’s Sake do a tremendous job of weeding out the junk and featuring amazing finds in this boutique-like non-profit. All proceeds go the Animal Rescue of the Rockies, a non-profit animal rescue group.

6. Beehive, 302 South Main Street

This store smells as delectable as the wares it sells. Featuring Milagro of Breckenridge hand-crafted soaps, fine stationary, body care, and more, this is one of those shops that slowly reveals itself to you as you peruse the shelves. Before you know it, you’ve got gifts in your basket for the whole family, your hands are moisturized, and an hour or two have passed.

7. Hand and Glove, 306 South Main Street

You know the saying, “fits like a glove”? Anyone who’s suffered through ill-fitting hand protection understands that it’s harder than it seems to find the right gloves for your digits. Enter the experts at Hand and Glove. These experienced sales staff have an uncanny ability to find exactly the glove you need, whether it’s made from fine Italian leather or the most advanced, durable outdoor materials on the market. Shop here, and you will truly never complain about cold hands again.

8. Goods, 105 South Main

For more than 25 years, this boutique has been the local’s go-to when it comes to gifts, house decorations, or that perfect shirt (or trousers or dress) for a specific occasion.

9. Amazing Grace, 213 Lincoln Ave

Full disclosure: I was raised by hippies, and shops/natural food stores like Amazing Grace immediately feel like home. That said, the quality of the coffee, baked goods, and friendly service makes this a worthy stop on any shopping spree—as do the souvenirs for sale on the simple, pine shelves.

10. Breck Wine & Cheese, 304 South Main Street

The foodie in the group will love the extensive selection of wines, cheese, and chocolate, and everyone else will appreciate this cozy shop’s down-to-earth appeal, including the $10 and under rack.

— Rachel Walker

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