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Powder! Dec. 4, 2013 Run of the Day: Spruce [video]

Thank you Mother Nature. It has been an incredible powder day at Breck with more snow on the way. This run of the day was taken on Spruce. Spruce is located directly below the Colorado SuperChair on Peak 8. Now is a great time to make it out to Breck to enjoy some powder.

–Michael Suleiman

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  1. Edward Perez

    Cant wait !!! Hope theres some good pow when I get out thereā€¦.

  2. Epic

  3. Wendy Dworkin

    I was there for a week and left on Monday. Of course all the new snow shows up AFTER I leave. Spruce is an easy black run,

  4. Danny Hart

    I hate you.

  5. Nancy Carol Davis

    I love you… Making up for the love/hate below. LoL

  6. one week to go!

  7. One more week to go until BRECK!

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