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5 classic activities to make the most of Breck

You think you can ski everyday from opening bell to closing bell? Maybe you can, but your legs might disagree. Besides the world class skiing, Breck is chock-full of exciting things to do. So this season check off these five thrilling activities from your list and give those legs a well-deserved rest.

1. Gold Runner Alpine Coaster:

Gold Runner Alpine Coaster (Taken onGoPro)
Gold Runner Alpine Coaster (Taken on GoPro)

This exciting roller coaster on Peak 8 at Breck will leave you grinning from ear to ear. The two-person ride takes you through the woods and around 360 degree turns. With full speed control, let gravity do the work and take those turns as fast or as slow as you like. Learn more about the Gold Runner Coaster.

2. Snow Biking:

If you still have energy to hit the slopes and want to try something new, rent a snow bike. This crossbred sport mixes the steering of a bike and the sliding of skiing. There are dozens of locations throughout Summit County where you can pick up a bike and even get an instructor for the day. Make sure to read the snow bike rules of Breck in the FAQ section.

3. Tubing:

Tubing is a quintessential ski town activity. With oversized tubes and no hiking, it is certainly not just for kids. You are never too old to tube. There was mention of a 79-year-old woman who was grinning lap after lap on the tubing hill last season. Keystone, Breck’s sister resort, offers tubing at its best. Keystone’s tubing hill opens next week on Nov 27. Keystone is only 15 miles from Breck and easy to get to. Look here for directions.

4. Dog sledding:

See what the beautiful Rock Mountains have to offer as you relax in a sled pulled by a team of dogs. This unique and serene way of exploring the mountains will leave you breathless and your kids thinking a dog would be a great addition to their Christmas lists.

5. Tenmile Flyer Zipline:

The new Tenmile Flyer Zipline will have you whizzing through the air at speeds of up to 45 miles an hour. Harnessed in, you will travel just over 1000 feet on your second “zip”. The zipline is set to open in December on Peak 8 next to the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster. If you miss the opening on this trip, make sure to put this one on your to-do list for next time.

–Michael Suleiman

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