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Inside the Creation of Peak 6: Part 4: Finishing touches [video]

We’re putting the finishing touches on the lifts, runs, and warming hut on Peak 6 as we now just have to wait for Mother Nature to give us enough snow to open it.

In the latest episode of “Inside the Creation of Peak 6,”┬áDirector of Mountain Operations Gary Shimanowitz takes us through the new Horizon warming Hut and the engines of the chairlifts as well as shows us what the terrain looks like with a bit of snow on it and where we are at with stringing the chairs on the haul rope.

In the next episode, Peak 6 will open!
For more details on Peak 6, go to breckenridge.com/peak-6.

— Pete Iskyan

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  1. Great progress!!

  2. Jean Lissau

    Can't wait to ski peak 6!

  3. Very impressive…!

  4. Very impressive…!

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