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Top Breck-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Ullr Costume Breckenridge

Want to look scary, mountain chic, or indistinguishable? These Breckenridge-inspired Halloween costumes are perfect for a night out on the town. Check out the FIRC for ideas and for the perfect piece to complement any costume.

Retro Skier Breckenridge
Trygve Berge takes some turns at Breck.

1. Retro skier: With bright colors, spandex, fanny packs, big hair and retro sunglasses, this classic costume is a hit. Head over to the local thrift store to find the perfect one-piece and break out that boom box for a memorable evening.

2. Tom’s Baby: You’ve heard the story about the precious golden nugget and probably have skied the fast, steep trail under E-Chair. Now it’s time to live up to the Breckenridge legend and paint yourself gold to be the talk of the town. Note: this could make a fantastic “couples outfit.”

3. Miner: Give homage to Breckenridge history and use your old pair of overalls, black face-paint and wolly hat to recreate the gold miners that put this town on the map.

4. Bar Maid: There is some controversy in town as to which restaurant really was a brothel. Make the story yours and enjoy the bar scene in this history-themed beer-loving outfit.

5. Snow homie, skittle thug, ski bum, or whatever you want to call it: Depending on where you’re from, how old you are and what part of the mountain you prefer to ski on, we’ve all noticed the tall-tee, unzipped jacket, and baggy pant style that this town’s skiers have created into a worldwide fashion trend. Halloween is the perfect evening to try out this mode. Give it a shot, you might end up with a giant bright jacket that fits your style perfectly!

6. Ullr: Horns, fur, snow and more snow. Pay homage to the town’s prized snow god and make it snow! The sacrificing of skis to bonfires is not recommended.

7. C.J. Mueller: Don a full spandex fit and helmet to make this legendary world-class speed skier and Breckenridge local proud. This outfit is guaranteed to get you going over 130 mph!

Ripperoo Breckenridge 8. Ripperoo: Represent the Breckenridge mascot with your best skiing dog outfit.

9. Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch: This elusive character inhabits the mountains and our culture. Scare some locals and put your tracks on the hill in your best furry outfit.

10. Trygve: This local legend – who still skis everyday – founded Breckenridge. As a namesake to our mountain and town, honor this man’s legend with an outfit made solely from trail maps.

— Jesse Ambrogi-Yanson

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