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Breck releases results of Peak 6 trail naming contest

Peak 6

The results are in, and the Breck Nation has awakened its sixth sense, as Breckenridge Ski Resort today unveiled the results from the resort’s Peak 6 public naming contest. These winning names will be used on actual trails at Peak 6, set to open this season at Breck as part of the biggest unveiling in the ski industry this year.

For the first time ever, Breck created a contest to crowd source the trail names for the much anticipated Peak 6 expansion. Fans of Breck from around the globe had the opportunity to submit their most creative name ideas that related to the theme of “Awaken Your Sixth Sense” via the resort’s Facebook page.

In all, 25 public submissions were chosen by the resort’s selection committee to become part of history on Peak 6.  Over 1,800 people submitted names from 43 US states and 19 different countries, demonstrating the clear tie the public has with both Breckenridge as a resort and Peak 6.

“The public has been very involved and passionate about our Peak 6 project right from the very beginning,” said Pat Campbell, Breckenridge SVP and COO. “We thought it would be a great idea to continue that public involvement and tap into the engagement of our guests from around the world to help brand the mountain.”

The public involvement process around this project is believed to be the largest naming initiative of its kind ever attempted for a ski resort.

From names like “Intuition” to “Unbound” to “Reverie,” the variety of responses received were as diverse as they were numerous.  “We were blown away by both the volume and quality of the responses we received,” noted Breckenridge Resort Marketing Director, Kieran Cain. “We were able to name over 75 percent of the new trails through the contest.”

“Snowboarding at Breck gives me the most zen feeling, even more than yoga,” Katie Gallagher of Denver said of her submitted name, Sanctuary. “I want some of the run names to convey that – that perfect moment cruising down the perfect run when everything is in harmony!”

Jeremy Carlson, of Louisville, Colo. submitted the name Liberation, with the description: “Come off the chairlift, get a 360 degree view. Start to glide any direction you want—the powder beckons in every direction. Before you have to commit to a glade or a trail, enjoy the sun, the sky, and the pure unfettered liberation of this moment!”

Those whose names were selected as winners will receive a Breckenridge Ski Resort replica trail sign with their winning trail name emblazoned upon it, as well as lift tickets to come ski Peak 6 this season. Any winners who make the trip to Breck this year will also have the opportunity to participate in a free photo session with their real trail sign up on Peak 6.

Breck Peak 6 Trail Name Contest winners and their submissions are as follows.
In the case of multiple entries of the same name, the first person to submit it was selected as the winner.Peak 6

  • Sanctuary – Katie Gallagher; Denver, Colo.
  • Epiphany – Michael Casto; Tinley Park, Ill.
  • ESP – Jeff Berthiaume; Fort Collins, Colo.
  • Savor – Eric Wagnon; Jupiter, Fla.
  • Echo – Lane Thaut; Englewood, Colo.
  • Rapture – Karen Rosasco; Centennial, Colo.
  • Yugen – Nathan Young; Merrifield, Minn.
  • Sublime – Karen Galenski; Breckenridge, Colo.
  • Irie – Garrett Braddock; Fredericktown, Ohio
  • Chi – Kelsey Turcotte; Lexington, KY.
  • Bliss – Katie Odens: Boulder, Colo.
  • Intuition – Sjoerd Idema; Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Unbound – Ashley McGilvray; Longmont, Colo.
  • Awakening – Anita Franklin; Broomfield, Colo.
  • Liberation – Jeremy Carlson; Louisville, Colo.
  • Foresight – Joseph Stockert; Atlanta, Ga.
  • Breathless – Kimberly Sands, Denver, Colo.
  • Wonderland – Kirk McGilvrey; Longmont, Colo.
  • Nirvana – Michael Matz; Omaha, Neb.
  • Daydream – Phyllis O’Grady ; Denver, Colo.
  • Déjà vu – Mark Rosasco; Centennial, Colo.
  • Euphoria – Rick Hartman; Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Wanderlust – Josh Seaton, Rockwell, Tex.
  • Zendo – Caroline Condon; Breckenridge, Colo.
  • Lost Horizon – William Vasko; McMurray, Penn.
  • Xanadu – Douglas Childers; Champaign, Ill.

The 2013-14 Breck trail map, featuring the entire new layout for Peak 6 as well as the rest of the resort, will be publicly released on Oct. 21 exclusively on the Breck Facebook page. Become a member of the online Breck Nation and like Breck at Facebook.com/Breckenridge in order to preview and download the all-new trail map before it is released to the general public.

— Morgan Bast

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  1. The trail names for #Peak6 are here!
    Thanks to over 1,800 of you for submitting your names. Check them all out here and stay tuned for an official trail map, coming out Oct. 21.

  2. Dirk Reckerman

    This was such a great idea – nicely done!

  3. WOO HOO they picked mine!!!!

  4. Jason Czachor

    Cant wait to ski those new runs!

  5. Winners will be notified (with details on redeeming their prizes) in the coming week or two. Thanks Rick!

  6. Zach Hill

    if this could be anymore hippy come on breck

  7. I didn't realize there were that many new trails. Huge expansion?

  8. I wasnt the winner, but Yeah! Nirvana

  9. Kurt Aktug

    man, it sucks knowing you sent in some of the names that were ultimately chosen. can i get a lift pass or something? 😉

  10. i submitted "Pursuit", looks like it woulda fit in with all those granola names

  11. @Jenney – Definitely! Expanding by 24%!

  12. Chris Wagner

    I wish I remembered what I even submitted haha

  13. Terrence O'Quinn

    Hippies and Wooks found the Internet for this one

  14. Awesome! cant wait to try them out this winter!

  15. @ Morgan….No, Thank You!!

  16. Hansi Herrmann

    Epic….Ski you soon PEAK 6 !!!!!

  17. Karen Galenski

    They picked mine!! YAY!

  18. I thought mine were so good!!!!

  19. swooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  20. Michael Coleman

    Love some of the names. Very "new age"

  21. Anita Rodriguez

    cool peak,,,,borrrrring names

  22. Rochelle Bulino

    A couple good ones. A lot are generic. Better luck next time. Someone's favorite bands must be Sublime and Nirvana. I should of submitted Guns N Roses.

  23. hippy hater! you must love boulder

  24. Jesse Vernuccio

    Irie! Love it!

  25. Keane Horner

    So I guess my submission of "DickSmasher" for a double black run didn't go over too well?

  26. I still say Route 666 would have been a good one for Peak 6!!!

  27. Scott Brodin

    I thought mile high wud def get picked

  28. Naming the runs after bands is pretty sad. What do bands got to do with sking and snowboarding runs. Next time you open a peak what u going call a run (one direction)Or (lady gaga) whoever picked the names of runs is on that wax stuff. Stick to the nugs instead. Some silly names chosen. Truthfully they really suck.

  29. Chuck Mahoney

    Hope you don't do an endo on Zendo.

  30. Michael Johnson

    Great idea for a contest. Terrible winners!

  31. Renan Stefanon

  32. Notice most winners are from Colorado – fix is in. Bragging bout all different countries and states entered competition but none of those people won.

  33. Nirvana and Sublime probably weren't named after the BANDS, just the words.

  34. Kari Thompson

    Awww… I was so excited to see my name picked and now I see someone else apparently picked it before me??!!! What a bummer.

  35. J.C., I doubt they were named after the actual BANDS. 'Sublime' means "supreme" or "awe inspiring" and 'nirvana' is about having a peaceful mind, a free state of being. All of the above are feelings I know that I get when I'm gliding on my board through the powder of Breck!! 🙂

  36. Really if u see the sign for the runs 90 percent of the people are going to think of curt and Bradley. You look the meaning up on google. Sorry mate get a clue

  37. Karen Wetherington Rosasco


  38. Carlton N Barbara Sharpe

    I love All the names ….Can't wait for Peak 6!!

  39. Justin Humenik

    my name was better than some of these lousy names wtf? Most were from colorado too

  40. Alex Cruce

    Doooood, they should have named it "Chronicles of Gnarly"

  41. Kristopher Black

    Hey Breckenridge Ski Resort, my name that I submitted was the same as one that was picked, how about joint credit??

  42. Great Contest! Great Names! Can't wait to ski Peak 6!

  43. I still like Touron Tweaker…

  44. Very stoked to be chosen! Can't wait to enjoy my first ride down ESP!!

  45. @J.C. Luckett – it was just those that entered the name first that won. Trust us, we LOVE our destination visitors.

  46. @Kristopher Black – let us know when you're out here and we'll make sure to grab a picture of you with the trail sign.

  47. Man, I have to agree with you. These are pretty ridiculous haha. ESP? Nirvana?

  48. I posted Euphoria immediately when the contest was announced. Not sure how Rick Hartman beat me to the punch?

    • Must have been quick on the draw as well! Sorry Johnathan – we’ll take your picture next to the sign when you come visit!

  49. Breckenridge Ski Resort When will my sign be delivered?!

  50. Renan Stefanon

    Mariah Zanotti

  51. I can not believe you liked some of these names better than Kashmir- besides being an amazing spiritual place- it means "heaven on earth" and there is no cooler song than Kashmir by Led Zepplin. I'm not going to pick on individual names, but some of these are a bit too overused, so obvious "new age-y" that they are like new age terms posers use… I'm a bit cheesed out- sorry Breck- think you could have done better with 50% of these names— some of these sound like you are trying to hard ….yuck

  52. Glass Connoisseur

    Dang totally forgot about this! Good luck all, hope its an epic name!

  53. I have a lot of fond memories of Breckenridge from the 60's to the 90's!

  54. Kathy O'Hora Dixon

    I don't get Déjà vu, cuz I want to feel like I've never been there before..new terrain and all

  55. Kevin Boyd

    Cj Horecky what do you expect when they let the 3rd graders from summit elementary choose….o wait

  56. How come "Occupy Park Lane" didn't make it in? The expansion was created to build more condominiums, and to separate those that are learning. Breck, tell me, why is it that not one run has "gaper" in the name.

  57. Where are all the names that were submitted? Is there a list somewhere?

  58. Lame names!

  59. Norman Kushner

    I'd agree with that!!!!!

  60. Lame. How about "Displaced Wildlife," "Land Rape," and "Unwanted Development?"

  61. Donald Michael Reif

    It was built not to build condos, but to make sure there is more terrain to offset the number of lodging units.

  62. Donald Michael Reif

    I do wish there was a second contest to submit names for the chairlifts. I mean, if there was one, I'd be submitting names like "Serendipity SuperChair" or the "66 Super6," or "Marcages SuperChair". I'm just sayin'……….food for thought.

  63. Arleen Khatibi

    More terrain to ride- great. But the cost is way to high . Totally agree.

  64. Arleen Khatibi

    Agreed. Could they be more benign? We wouldn't want anything potentially offensive or controversial !

  65. Arleen Khatibi

    Totally agree. I mean, Wanderlust? Really?

  66. Arleen Khatibi

    Donald Michael Reif What about the Bergenhof? Torn down like a Bronx tenement! I see condos going up. I thought they agreed to make that an historic site? Money talks and Vail resorts has plenty of that.

  67. really thought Skydancer would fit a great run in a great spot, oh well!

  68. Carrie Kimball-Koenig

    Morgan Bast I submitted intuition too…so glad it won. Can't wait to ride it this season!

  69. Bridget Supriya Puchalsky

    "Corporate Greed," "real estate sales," "advertising leverage," & "no more of the best xc in Breck"…

  70. Deb Wragg

    Someone got in there before me with ESP, but I will still be having my photo take along side it come January. Some really good names ou there.

  71. Dave Clarkson

    Good sounds like 3 less people to crowd up the slopes.

  72. I'm gonna go outside and play.

  73. Donald Michael Reif

    Might be an appropriate name for the run taking you back to the Independence SuperChair and the other four peaks.

  74. @Kathy – you'll understand completely when you see the trail map and come try it out!

  75. There is not a public one and the trail map will be released on Oct. 21 !

  76. Dang and thought my Peaceful Warrior submission would have…won…oh well congrats to the winners…too bad none of us from Texas got a trail named

  77. Shaun Holmes

    It was more fun when we poached it.

  78. Zachary Florek

    Damn, thought I'd win. But hey, why be down, some of these names are Kickass! Congrats to those who won!

  79. You should of paid more attention in English class.

  80. goooooood god

  81. I can't believe you guys didn't choose Tempest. It is the best name ever.

  82. Mark Kornblau

    I'm euphoric!

  83. Lane Thaut

    I hope Echo isn't a catwalk!

  84. Phyllis O'Grady

    It was a great idea and I'm happy to have had one (out of about 30 names that I entered) chosen. Wasn't one of my most favorites, but hey, just happy to be part of this new elevated expansion. I am looking forward to skiing down "my" run! …and most of the others. Kudos to those in charge…I'm sure that there were a lot of multiples and great choices…had to be tough to decide. Looking forward to lot's of snow!

  85. Larry Bliven

    what name was selected? cheer to you!

  86. Phyllis O'Grady

    Daydream. ..sounds like a mellow dreamy run? I hope it's a run I dream of doing over and over because it's what dreams are made of! 😉 I'll find out soon enough!

  87. Chris Hornbeek


  88. Neat idea but using names with some local historical value would be nice (and yes, way too hippy for me as well).

  89. Kevin KJ Johnson

    "should of"? Hmm, should've or should have would seem more english appropriate.

  90. Mark Crawford

    lets hope these folks don't and never ski – after all, they wouldn't want to be hypocrites now would they. Of course, they all must be vegan's who live in the forest, walk to work, don't have cell phones or computers, and never consume any natural resources.

  91. Melissa Singleton Schneweis

    LOVING the run name IRIE!!!!

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