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How to get a job in Breck

So, you’ve decided this is the year. It’s time to live the dream, snag a Summit County zip code, work in Breckenridge and log more days on the mountain. You just need a steady cash flow.

It’s time to fatten up your resume, lock and load that firm handshake and get a jump on the Breckenridge job scene.

Here are six tips for landing a job in Breckenridge:

  1. Early bird, worm, you know the drill.
    People from all over the world are flocking to Breckenridge to live and work, so it’s crucial to start the job hunt early. September is a good time to begin your winter season job search, even if you’re not able to start the position until November. Keep in mind many local businesses close for the slower visitor month of October (mud season). Get in there and make initial contact early.
  2. Think beyond the want ads.
    Powerful job search resources live here: Summit Daily, Craigslist, the Town of Breckenridge and Vail Resorts. Even though Breckenridge is home to a world-class ski resort, it’s still a pretty small community. Word of mouth goes a long way — ask your landlord, neighbor, barista, friend of a friend if they have any job leads. Spot a place you’d love to work? Don’t be afraid to drop your resume to a manager and introduce yourself, even if they don’t have a help wanted sign up. Grill Chef at Breck
  3. Work where you play.
    Vail Resorts employs more than 13,000 peak-season employees worldwide. One of the best companies to work for in Breck is Breckenridge Ski Resort. If not for the ski pass perks alone, a job on the mountain means more powder runs. Browse Vail Resorts jobs online or call the job hotline at 888-SKI-JOB1. Check out the page of tips on how to interview and, once you’re hired, how to make the mountain town move. Right now the resort is hiring for ski and snowboard instructors, lift operators, and more.
  4. Craft a ridiculously good looking resume.
    A five-second glance-over and your resume either goes in the recycle bin or in a maybe-we’ll-call-you pile. Though a resume is not required to apply for a job at Vail Resorts, building a resume does help you appear more professional. Borrow these resume building tips.
  5. Keep your eyes and ears open.
    Watch for help-wanted flyers on community boards at the post office, grocery store, coffee shops and lobbies around town. Even if it’s a small side job — like shoveling snow, dog sitting, house sitting or an internship — it’s income and could lead to your desired position.
  6. Know what’s important to you.
    Are you more about the mountain town perks — a seasonal gig, free ski pass, daylight hours off to ski? Or learning a new skill, nailing down long-term employment with benefits and staying here beyond the season?

Don’t forget, it’s all about quality of life. When you live in Breckenridge, and you’re not at work, you’re vacationing.

Happy hunting!

— Lisa Pogue

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