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Ski Hill Road gets a dusting of snow

’13/’14 Ski Season Weather Predictions

The first day of autumn greeted Breckenridge earlier this week with rain down low and snow up high. The mountains are dusted white, aspens are beaming and shedding drops of gold, and brisk nights are forcing fleece and beanies out of hibernation. Breckenridge Ski Resort will kick off its 52nd season Nov. 8. — just… Read More

Taste the Spirits of Breck at Craft Spirits Festival

There’s a new kind of gold in the hills around Breckenridge: Craft spirits and distilleries, micro operations churning out distinctive liquors to an appreciative and thirsty audience. In town alone Breckenridge Distillery holds court among a young and trendy demographic, folks who prefer to sip whiskey instead of guzzle cheap beer. But the local distillery… Read More

Breckenridge Ski Resort with snow

First Snow of the 2013/14 Season [video]

Who said anything about fall? Winter is back with an impressive start. The peaks around Breckenridge are covered with the white stuff, and its starting to look like that time again… #wintercountdown. Ripperroo is getting a jump start on the season by training a new recruit, Indigo, at the Falcon SuperChair on Peak 10.

This snow stuff is awesome!

Breck sees the first snow: Sept. 23, 2013

The first (real) snow of the season hit Breckenridge last night as locals, puppies, and other people began to ready themselves for winter. The leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping making for ideal conditions for some photographs of the area. –Morgan Bast

4 perfect days for First Timers

Welcome to Breckenridge, arguably the most beautiful and easily one of the most historic ski towns in the United States. Also, at 9,600 feet, it is one of the highest. Even though you can expect a lot of sunshine, even in the heart of winter (don’t forget your sunscreen!), it’s cold, so bring your warm… Read More

Employee Spotlight: Nicky DeFord

There’s a good reason Nicky Deford is the woman at the helm Vail Resorts’ community giving and engagement. She’s tenacious and friendly, has spent years promoting various Vail Resorts properties as a public relations specialist, and she has great faith in the company’s commitment to strengthen the communities it’s part of. “We want communities to… Read More

How to get a job in Breck

So, you’ve decided this is the year. It’s time to live the dream, snag a Summit County zip code, work in Breckenridge and log more days on the mountain. You just need a steady cash flow. It’s time to fatten up your resume, lock and load that firm handshake and get a jump on the… Read More

Peak 6

Awaken your Sixth Sense on Peak 6 [VIDEO]

Have you wondered what’s beyond the horizon? Beyond your imagination. Beyond your expectations. Beyond the ordinary. Peak 6 is opening the door to a whole new realm. Awaken your sixth sense this year with 543 brand new acres of terrain at Breck. For for information visit BRECKENRIDGE.COM/PEAK6   — Pete Iskyan