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4x4 tours at Breck

Almost everyone is pretty familiar with the normal methods of getting up the hill – riding the chairlift or hiking or biking up (for those with the lung power). But have you ever thought about taking a safari in a 4×4 offroad vehicle to the top?

I’ve always wanted to take a safari, but haven’t quite made it to Africa (yet).  When I walked up to the open air, seven passenger expedition style offroad vehicle it felt like I had landed in the middle of  and African adventure.  Our guide, JJ, was already there and seemed pretty stoked to take us to the top.

An offroad tour might not be the first thing you’ll think of when coming to Breck, so I’m suggesting the top 5 reasons 4×4 tours  are better than taking the chairlift up:

  1. You might see some wildlife.  We were fortunate enough to get to see some of the smaller, more common mammals like marmots and pikas, but JJ mentioned a previous tour had been fortunate enough to see a moose – all from the safety of the offroad vehicle.
  2. It’s a whole new experience.  If you’re a skier, you’re probably pretty used to taking chairlifts all winter long.  Being in the offroad vehicle allows you to take your time on the way up, and the way down, to slow down and really delve into the forest and the mountain. 4x4 TOurs Breck
  3. You won’t damage your own car.  Sure, you could find a dirt road somewhere else and try to find your way up, but your car might not make it back in once piece.  JJ not only knew how to navigate the gnarly road to the top, but he knew pretty much anything you’d want to know on the way up.
  4. The guide knows more than you do (probably).  Unless you’re an expert in the local fauna, wildlife, and history, you’ll probably learn a lot on this tour.  Our driver seemed to have all the info, from pointing out wildlife to exploring the history of the local forest as we snaked our way through the lodgepole pine to the top.
  5. You’ll scale a mountain without getting tired. Most people don’t want to waste a day adjusting to the altitude once they get here, but the idea of hiking to the top of a mountain straight from sea level isn’t a good one. Hop in a 4×4 tour in your first couple of days and you’ll be able to scout out other hiking trails or just get a chance to see the magnificent view and still take it easy.

Want to check out the offroad tours? Check out all the details and call to book here. 

— Pete Osorio

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