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Peak 6 terrain project underway in Breckenridge

Peak 6

 Vail Resorts, Inc.  has started construction of 543 acres of new terrain in the Peak 6 area of Breckenridge Ski Resort. The Peak 6 project will include 400 acres of lift-served terrain and 143 acres of hike-to terrain. Breckenridge Ski Resort expects to open the new terrain in the 2013-2014 ski season, including adding a new high-speed, six-person chairlift and a new fixed-grip chairlift to access the Peak 6 area.

“This is one of the most notable ski area enhancements in the past decade,” said Rob Katz, chairman and CEO of Vail Resorts. “The new expanded terrain will feature high-alpine, intermediate bowl skiing – a rare find among our eight world-class resorts and in North America. This is an exciting season on the horizon for Breck and our company.”

“This is the culmination of years of hard work by many stakeholders, including the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) as well as the entire Breckenridge community who engaged in the planning process,” said Pat Campbell, SVP and COO of Breckenridge Ski Resort. “We are excited to be underway with the construction of this important project, and will work with the USFS to keep the public updated on additional information in regard to public safety as the project moves along, especially as it relates to recreational access in the area.”

As part of the construction process, the USFS has issued an official Forest Supervisor Closure for the Peak 6 construction area closing all roads and trails within the area for the duration of construction. The closure applies to pedestrians, wheeled motor vehicles and all other forms of motorized and non-motorized travel.  For more information on the closure, contact the Dillon Ranger District at 970-262-3484.

Peak 6

With Peak 6, Breckenridge will now have five huge peaks, 2,901 acres, four terrain parks, a 22ft Superpipe, 11 bowls, the highest chairlift in North America, family-friendly terrain and a world-class ski school, all situated above an authentic, hip mountain town with awe-inspiring views. Renowned for the welcoming spirit and friendly character of their locals, with over 200 restaurants, bars, and shops, and numerous year-round activities and events, there are many good reasons why “Breck” is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Western Hemisphere.

The projected opening day for the Peak 6 lifts and terrain will be announced early during the winter season as construction comes to a conclusion and the snow begins to fly. Get the latest on the Peak 6 project here.

Peak 6, located within Breckenridge Resort’s special use permit boundary, is the first ski terrain expansion on National Forest System land in Colorado since 2008 and the first at Breckenridge since the Peak 7 expansion in 2002.

— Kristen Petitt Stewart

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  1. I'm ready for winter

  2. Can't wait to b back in Breckenridge

  3. Brian Yohn

    Any impact to the Peaks Trail?

  4. Winter, can you get here quickly? And bring an overnight dump of 12" along with you!

  5. Tom Robbins

    I can't believe they can put up new lifts that quickly..

  6. Peter Strom

    "high-alpine, intermediate bowl skiing" — BOOORING! Hey, Vail. How about putting in more challenging terrain for your loyal expert skier customers?

  7. Chris Strom

    Expert skiers don't spend enough money — they eat sausage sandwiches, then go home 🙂

  8. Dineen Hohm Emms

    Glad this is coming. Not all of us are expert skiers and appreciate a bowl like this! Can't wait!

  9. How does a ski resort go about "putting in more challenging terrain"? Do they create mini-earthquakes under specific peaks to increase the steepness or maybe they should blast the mountain side out and create new steeper bowls? If you aren't excited about more terrain in Breckenridge, go fly a kite!

  10. Miss Breckenridge, miss living there

  11. How will all of the skiers from peak 6 get back to the Independence chair? There is only one bad trail for skiers from peak 7 now. This could be dangerous. Are there any other trails planned?

  12. Rich DiDonato

    peak 6 will have one intermediate slope. What they failed to mention, is that it will also have some of the most extreme terrain in Summit County.

  13. Peter Strom

    I'll believe that when I see it!

  14. Steven A Martens

    Too much Skier/rider congestion on Peaks 8, 9 and 10. I'd rather they did something to deal with that. Re-align lifts. Put a six pack up Peak 8. Get rid of the Super 8 Connect. If you are looking for challenge…Keystone has steeper and more challenging terrain. A Blue at Breck is a green at Keystone.

  15. Carl Cag

    Breckenridge needed more terrain , and the guys in charge are doing what they can to accommodate this. I'm from the UK and spend a great deal of time in the Vail , Breckenridge area. Congestion at Breckenridge was becoming an issue , and if this new peak creates a new area that takes pressure off the current infrastructure then it enhances the entire experience for everyone in the skill chain. Those of you complaining about " high alpine intermediate bowl " , what do you want people to write , "suicidal drops that make Lake Chutes like a green run" ? , Breckenridge needed a new bowl area , no question, and anything that creates more overall room between mountain users on skis and boards is a great improvement !

  16. Peter- There will be some pretty incredible hike-to chute terrain available on Peak 6 1/2. We've skied it, and trust us, it rocks.

  17. There are 10 other trails planned. Check out a map here: http://www.breckenridge.com/info/peak-6.aspx

  18. Thanks for the support, Mark. We put in "more extreme" terrain by opening it up, adding a lift, patrolling it for safety, and monitoring the conditions. Trust us, everyone involved will be pleased — there is blue, black and extreme terrain included in the expansion.

  19. Dan Curtis

    Ahem. Last time I skied Vail, I ended up in the operating room with a dislocated hip. Pretty much ruined my skiing career. I support challenging terrain for you guys, but no black diamonds for me ever again…..

  20. Jeffrey Klein

    Nice upgrade! I'll just wait until at least late March next time. Breck's bowls are cccooold.

  21. John Elliott

    I followed your link and could not find any maps that shows Peak 6.

  22. Donald Michael Reif

    When will names be announced for the chairlifts?

  23. If they plan to put in housing around it, ey need more lifts!! Peak 7 needs more lifts

  24. Breckenridge Ski Resort The "10 new trails" all converge into the Monte Cristo run-out trail, as do most of the Peak 7 trails, to get back to the Independence Lift. The bottom portion of the Monte Cristo is also labled "SLOW SKI AREA" on the trail map. This will be extremenly congested at the end of the day and potentially dangerous.

    • Hey Jim-
      Thanks for the comment. We’ll work very heavily on avoiding congestion. The map is not final in anyway, and we’ll have more details coming soon!

  25. Many skiers/boarders don't follow the "Slow Ski" directions and use the last narrow, slightly steep area for jumping. When you approach that area you can't see who is below you until it is too late. I'd like to see the resort cut another way back. Is this possible?

    • Hey Nadine!
      Every regulation will be taken to ensure safe conditions on the hill at Peak 6 (and the rest of the mountain). In general, Peak 6 will lighten crowding so things will be safer overall!

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