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8 fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day in Breck

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, and to make the most of your time, choose your adventure among 8 fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day in Breck. Decide whether you want to be in the trees, on the lake, or up high on a ridge and make it happen.

The first thing to choose is a location for your family’s basecamp.  Check out the steals found from our vacation deals, and select the setting for your clan.  Once settled, pack a daypack with water, a few layers and a map of where you’re headed.

  1. Have breakfast with Dad.
    Wake up early and make him his favorite breakfast, or go out to eat in one of the local eateries like the Blue Moose, the Columbine Cafe, or Daylight Donuts.  For a tasty cup of java,  head on over to Cuppa Joe on Ridge Street.
  2. Plan an adventure.
    Spend time fly fishing in the Blue River with a local outfitter.  Or, take a hike by a stream in the woods on the Burro trail.  Or, spend time with the wranglers at the Breckenridge Stables, located onf Peak 9.  Ride on trails through the forest with the views of the Continental Divide.  Stop and smell the roses and take lots of photos to document and share your journey riding the recreation path by the lake in Frisco for a slideshow to show later on that night. Take a turn at the rides at the Breck Summer Fun park. Finish the day with a round of nine holes designed by Jack Nicklaus at the Breckenridge Golf Course.
  3. Be time travelers and tour a museum.
    The area surrounding Breckenridge is full of stories of miners and their quest to strike it rich. The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance offers historic walking tours visiting saloons, mines and dredges that scoured these hillsides for gold.  Take a tour and listen to stories about the colorful characters who once called Breck home.
  4. Go up the mountain.  Come down the mountain.
    Rent bikes from Breck Sports and find a ride up the mountain and a killer way to enjoy coming down the mountain.  Or, simply grab the map and choose one of the singletrack trails that criss cross the valleys and take a leisurely hike with plenty of stops for photos.
  5. Watch outhouses race on Main Street.
    As part of Kingdom Days, the Outhouse Race is not to be missed. Teams compete for the “Gold throne, the Silver Moon, and the Bronze Bucket.”  Witness the action by clicking here to see a video.
  6. Make Dad a mug.
    Make a custom coffee mug at Ready, Paint, Fire on Main StreetPaint it any color you want and personalize your gift.
  7. Shred with Dad.  Breckenridge Skate Park
    Visit the Town of Breckenridge Recreation Center’s outdoor skate park and ride the bowls and features.  Or, grab your longboard and cruise the recreation path.
  8. Don’t forget the dog.
    Erin Opsahl, Breckenridge mommy blogger, suggests to “take all the kids, dogs included, to the dog park at Carter Park on South High Street in Breckenridge.  It’s a “place for some fun the whole family can enjoy.”

— Stacy Sanchez

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