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Emilia Wint’s season documented through Instagram

This will be an ongoing series detailing what I have been up to this season. Since the season started a couple months ago, the first posts will cover what I was up to until now. If you want a glimpse at the action before my monthly blog, follow me on Instagram and Twitter by @EmiliaWint!

Early Season

After getting home from a busy summer season, I began my early season activities. Because there wasn’t going to be a competition for another three months, I used this time to focus on getting new tricks, having fun and getting fit before winter began.

I got an amazing opportunity to go to Zurich to be one of two girls to hit the Freestyle.ch City Big Air Jump. Freestyle.ch big air

After hanging with the top pros and sessioning the jump for a weekend (can you say starstruck?!) it was back to the states.

The U.S. Team set up a mini-camp at Mt. Hood, Ore. for a week, so I Mt. Hood trainingwent there and started dialing in the tricks I wanted to do in my contest run later in the season.

Skiing in October was a crazy experience, and after that, I had managed to ski 11/12 months of the year (I took June off!)

After the Hood camp, I packed up my car and headed to Park City to hit the gym and trampolines before the Colorado ski season started back up. Emilia Wint in Utah

Finally, after almost an entire month off snow, it was time to go skiing in Colorado!

I moved back to Breckenridge with roomies John and Dara and went skiing with friends every single day.Skiing with friends

I’ll go as far as saying it was my best early season yet. After a few weeks of skiing in Colorado, I packed up for a two week camp in Mammoth. The weather wasn’t great, so we had to take a few days off. This wasn’t too bad because we got to check out some amazing natural hotsprings! Hot Springs

At the end of the camp we got a few sunny days on a big jump, and before I knew it, it was time for Dew Tour. Dew Tour in Breck

As always, Breckenridge built an absolutely amazing course. I couldn’t even believe how fun it was. It was one of the best courses I had ever skied and I was having a blast. We didn’t compete until the very end of the week, so I got tons of practice and landed some of the best runs of my life during those days.

Unfortunately, as the week progressed, the weather deteriorated. By the time we had to qualify, Summit County was encased in a blizzard.
However, not to be deterred, Nick Goepper and I managed to have some fun on the lift while the sun was out! Nic Goepper and Emilia Wint

Come qualifier day, I put down a run I was incredibly happy with and qualified in first place, the best of my career so far.

On finals day, the weather got even worse than what you see in the video, and on my last run I went for the last jump, got a gust of wind, didn’t have enough speed and landed a couple feet short on the deck.

Upon impact I tore my right ACL and ended my season.

The fun, however, did not stop. This is where my photos transition from skiing to recovery. I am living by the motto “enjoy the fun of failure.”

Check out the next installment to see what I’ve been up to since having surgery!

— Emilia Wint

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