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The advanced skier’s guide to a full day on the slopes of Breck

Are you an advanced skier who loves to explore new terrain? Maybe you’re looking to expand your repertoire of terrain before the season’s end? This should help. This is The Advanced skier’s guide to a full day on the slopes of Breckenridge.

Warming up

No matter how good of a skier or boarder you may be, warming up is key. Early in the day it’s always best to hit a few groomers to get the legs warm. Since muscle elasticity and cold weather don’t exactly mix well, it’s best to stretch before heading out there on the hill.

I recommend the groomed runs on Peak 7 or Peak 8. While most of Peak 7’s trails are classified as blue runs, the pitches are mellow, giving you a few nice warm up laps to get your day going. Monte Cristo or Pioneer are both great runs.

Peak 8
Looking up at Horseshoe Bowl.

Upper mountain

When you’re ready to take on something more challenging, head over to the T-Bar or to 6-Chair. The T-Bar offers some of the best bowl skiing around. Try Horseshoe Bowl and specifically Lulu’s, which is far to the skier’s left side. This is some of Breck’s steepest terrain and is sure to get your blood flowing.

If you’re more of a tree skier or you like those narrow, bump filled runs, 6-Chair is where you want to be. Make the traverse out to skier’s right and head through the boundary gate to “Way Out”. This run sees little action and typically has an abundance of soft snow. It’s like a miniature bowl that is hidden from the rest of the 6-Chair terrain.

The rest

Make your way past the bottom of 6-Chair to E-Chair on Peak 9. This lift services some great double black diamond chute style runs and tree skiing. Devil’s Crotch and Mine Shaft are a real thrill.

All of this adrenaline is likely to work up your appetite. It’s time to refuel, so make your way over to Ten Mile Station at the base of the Falcon Superchair for lunch. Be sure to get a hearty meal in you to prepare for the afternoon’s events.

The Burn steepness
The Burn.

The Falcon Superchair is your afternoon destination. Falcon services Peak 10, which is littered with single and double black diamond runs of all types of terrain. From steep groomers, to grueling bump trails, to epic tree runs, Peak 10 has it all. Be sure to check out The Burn, one of Breck’s best tree runs or Cimarron, a nice steep cruiser that’s great for carving fatty turns. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you’ll want to hit up Mustang or Dark Rider. These double black diamond runs are loaded with steep and technical terrain. They’re a real thrill for the advanced skier.

At the end of this adrenaline and fun-filled day, you’re going to need to unwind. Head back over to the Peak 8 base for Après-Ski at the T-Bar. They’ve got some great beers on tap and tasty food. Enjoy!

–Chris Burton

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