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James Woods’ top 5 moments from the 2012-13 season

Woodsy wins Crystal Globe

This winter has been absolutely fantastic for me, I’m almost speechless! (Luckily not quite though or this blog would be rubbish!) From the very beginning of the pre-season leading up to this winter, things were extremely exciting. So I’m going to say my first top moment from season was the build up and excitement.

  1. Going to the Olympics
    In summer 2012 I went to the London Olympic Games. It was such a brilliant experience, I was a part of the Olympic Ambition Program, set in place to give future Olympians that experience and confidence to strut into their first Games and boss it (in a Woods-ifed nut shell).  So with that build up came a bunch more exciting things including new affiliations with a couple of fantastic brands, including of course, a sponsorship relationship with Breckenridge Ski Resort, which had been a long term goal and hope for me!
  2.  Meeting my girlfriend 
    I would be in all sorts of trouble if I didn’t mention that one of the top moments (I think I HAVE to say the top, best moment!) of this winter was meeting my girlfriend! She’s awesome, we’ve done almost all the traveling together, she’s competed amazingly herself as well and she’ll definitely read this – so I made sure to get that in there.
  3. My first official invite to Aspen Winter X Games JamesWoods_celebrate
    So I went into the event already with a medal from X Games Tignes and a 4th place finish, so I felt pretty good. I had an incredible time skiing on such a brilliant course and especially with all the attention of the action sports community, it really was a great place to be. I had a fairly banging run in the finals – as always I knew I could of given more at the time – but at the end of the day I couldn’t of been more happy to finish 3rd and take home my second X Games medal!
  4. Getting world ranked 
    I completed my goal for the winter by achieving  #1 World rank and being awarded the Crystal Globe.  Like I mentioned before, this was my ultimate goal for this winter and to achieve it feels amazing.  Along with this ranking,  I am also currently ranked 1st in the AFP World Tour, with two events left whether I’ll hold onto it or not, I’m not sure, but I’ll certainly try. Still it feels incredible to have held that ranking all the way through the winter.

    The British press and public interest have boomed  in the winter sports area recently since the London 2012 Olympic Games, which along with the Olympic inclusion of slopestyle and halfpipe events, couldn’t of come at a more perfect time for myself and the other brilliantly talented British winter sports athletes. My winning the Crystal Globe, World Cup wins, podium at the World Championships and X Games medals have really gone down a storm in Great Britian, which makes me even more proud.
  5. Getting back to Breck
    Whether it classes as a top moment yet I’m not sure, but I’m putting it in here because of how excited I’ve been about it all year. Since I left Colorado in January after X Games all I’ve been thinking about is getting back into Freeway and Park Lane in Breckenridge, to simply get riding again. All the places, all the people and the World travel has been amazing, but honestly all I can think about is being so excited to get back to my regular mountain and rip it up.

— James “Woodsy” Woods

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