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Zack Black’s typical day in the park

Zack Black in the superpipe

We all have our preferences and certain activities we participate in daily. I personally love being outside, and my favorite activity to do outside is to go snowboarding. When at home in Breckenridge, I like to start my day with a mellow breakfast at home while I slowly gear up and prepare to head to the mountain.

When I arrive at the mountain I take a few full laps on Colorado SuperChair to warm my legs up before starting to focus on tricks in both Park Lane and Freeway. I like to ride with my friends because it is enjoyable to lose myself and just be in the moment on the mountain with a few others. Zack Black

I snowboard not only as an activity but as an escape. Snowboarding is a virtual nothingness that allows me to be nowhere else but in the present. Some psychologist’s call it “being in the zone,” while I prefer to look at it like there is nowhere else my mind would rather be than right here and right now. When riding with my friends I find myself not only losing track of time but also pushing myself beyond my own perceived limits.

This is especially true in Breckenridge because there is a perfect feature to try nearly every trick between Park Lane and Freeway. The parks and pipes are so consistent and well maintained that they encourage progression and excitement. A full day usually includes multiple runs on everything from the small jumps to the 22 foot Halfpipe. Lap after lap, the day speeds by and eventually my legs beg for a rest.

After the full day of riding, I usually find myself making my way over to Mi Casa for happy hour and their famous dollar tacos.  Tacos and my friends make for another interesting few hours before I head home or to a hot tub to recover a little before I go to bed. The best part of my day is, knowing that the next day will be just as amazing as the day before.

— Zack Black

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