Welcome to Breck

On location with Zack Black


I wish I got to lap the park at Breck with snowmobiles every day in the spring time. In the hour and a half of towing up behind snowmobiles there are a ridiculous amount of laps you get through the park.

Today there was a Snowboard Colorado shoot at Breck. This shoot was my first chance this season to hit bigger sized jumps because the traveling I have been doing for halfpipe contests.


The jumps were really amazing and there were people throwing all sorts of maneuvers. My friends Dylan Bidez, Christian Conners, Jack Kyle, Brett Esser, and Cody Quickel and my brother Jake were all riding with me. I hit the jumps probably three times more than I could have in the same time frame without snowmobiles. It was an amazing morning to take photos and ride because the temperature was above 32 even though it was 8:00 in the morning.

Taking photos is a fun part of snowboarding because it is not all about spinning really fast and doing super dangerous things. When you take photos it is more about how you look in the air and of course holding your grabs.

There is a large difference between photo and contest snowboarding in the tricks you choose to do as well, sometimes just straight airing the jump gets the best photo and it can be a good step back from the extreme pressures of contests.

Hopefully I get the chance to lap the park with some snowmobiles again before the season ends.

— Zack Black

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