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Haller slays the Mountain Dew Throwback Throwdown

Throwback Throwdown

The 2nd annual Throwback Throwdown presented by Mountain Dew was a Spring Fever success at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Retro gear, snurfers, OG’s and some of today’s top athletes all made an appearance.

Christian Haller, an unexpected addition to the competition slayed first place with a total of 150 points. Matt Ladley finished in second and U.S. Snowboarding team member, Benji Farrow walked away with third. Breck Throwback Throwdown

For the girls division, first place was swept by Breck Pro Team rider, Arielle Gold with 175 points. Meg Pugh finished in second and fellow Breck Pro Teammate, Leslie Glenn clenched third.

The fun didn’t stop there as recognition for the “Raddest Old Dude,” “Mountain Dew Method Mayhem,” and “Best Old School Tick” was awarded.

The Mountain Dew Throwback Throwdown, consisting a 22′ superpipe and a 6′ hand dug mini pipe contest was introduced to Spring Fever last year to pay homage to the resort and those who helped pioneer the way for snowboarding. Competitiors ranged from age 8 to a youthful 58 with an abundance of old school style including methods, ariels and slashes. Legendary riders like Chris Pappas, Jeff Grell and Steve Link took on a pro field comprised of some of this decade’s best riders including Zack and Jake Black, Matt Ladley, Christian Haller, Steve Fisher and Chad Otterstrom for $20,000 in cash prizes.

The Final results are as follows:Breck Throwback Throwdown
Overall Men:
1. Christian Haller
2. Matt Ladley
3. Benji Farrow
4. Taylor Gold
5. Chad Otterstrom
6. Jake Black
7. Broc Waring
8. Zach Black
9. Steve Fisher
10. Tyler Troy
11. Brett Esser
12. Todd Franzen

Overall Women:
1. Arielle Gold
2. Meg Pugh
3. Leslie Glenn
4. Michelle Zeller
5. Atti Holst
6. Michelle Shea

Raddest Old Dude:
Todd Franzen

Best Old School Trick:
Todd Franzen

Mountain Dew Method Mayhem:
Matt Ladley

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