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Run of the day at Breck: 4 O’Clock Run Mar. 26, 2013

4 O'Clock sign

What kind of skiing do you enjoy? Do you like those long cruisers with varrying difficulty? Today’s Run of the day at Breck has a little bit of everything. 4 O’Clock Run, located on Peak 8, is Breckenridge’s longest trail. Spanning three and a half miles long, this run is classified as a single black diamond at the top, blue in the middle, and green to the bottom. 4 O’clock has it all and is a “must ski” while you’re at Breck.


In the single black diamond top section, you’ll navigate down a narrow groomed run. If you’re looking to explore a little more, check out either side of the trail, where there are loose trees and typically a buildup of soft snow. This section runs along a ridgeline allowing for winds to cross through and build up large wind lips and deep powder stashes. This is the tree skier’s dream run.

Middle 4
Looking down Middle 4 O’Clock.

As you make your way down the last steep pitch, the trail widens at the Vista Haus area. Be sure to slow down, as this area almost always has high traffic coming from the right and the left. Once you are through this area, you’re on the blue section. This mellow pitched run is quite wide allowing you to carve some fatty turns on fresh corduroy. If you’re feeling like trying out some tree skiing for the first time, check out the skier’s left side. These low angle trees are perfect for someone who is learning to navigate their way through the glades.

The last section is green. The trail flattens out into a catwalk-like section as you pass by Breck’s main terrain parks. Stop and check out the daredevils as they throw themselves through the air on massive jumps. From here, 4 O’Clock Run is a mellow cruise all they way to downtown Breckenridge and back to the gondola. Enjoy breathtaking views as you make your way down to one of the greatest ski towns around.

Lower 4
Lower 4 O’Clock.

Getting there

You can access 4 O’clock Run via the Colorado Superchair. If you’re wanting to try out the top section, you can get their via 6-Chair or the T-Bar. If you choose the T-Bar, make your way down Alpine Alley, a groomed run with similar terrain as Upper 4 O’Clock.

Best time to go

The best time to go to 4 O’Clock Run is in the earlier part of the day. It stays good into the later part of the afternoon as well, but by three p.m. on a holiday weekend, it becomes a popular route to town and to the parking lots, so use caution at this time.

It’s not just a route from point A to point B. 4 O’clock Run has a little something for everyone. Go check it out!

–Chris Burton

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