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Five great tree runs at Breck

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Do you love to cruise in the trees? Looking for some new glades to check out? This is your guide to five of the greatest tree runs at Breck.

5. Northstar Trees

Northstar, ranked number seven on our Top 10 blue runs at Breck list, also has some great tree skiing. Just to the skier’s left of the trail is some less known glade skiing.  To get there, you’ll want to continue on the Columbine crosscut rather than dropping into Northstar. When you pass the T bar, you’ll see a clearing in the trees on your right. That is the entrance. This run gets overlooked often, and you can usually find fresh snow there.

4. Upper 4 O’Clock

Upper 4 O’Clock runs along a ridgeline on Peak 8. Though this run is groomed, there are widely spaced trees on either side of it. The wind rips through this area allowing for massive wind lips to form. These are a blast to play around on and you can find areas of super deep snow, when it hasn’t snowed in recent days.

The Burn
The Burn

3. The Burn

The Burn is one of Breck’s most well-known tree runs. It’s so big though that there is plenty of snow to go around. If you stay more toward the skier’s right side, you’ll find tighter trees and usually fresher snow. This area is less exposed and almost hidden compared the much more open left side.

2. Duke’s Trees

Duke’s Run, ranked at number four on our Top 10 blue runs at Breck list, is well known for its perfect corduroy and quad muscle burning bumps. What many people don’t know is that the tree skiing on the left side of Duke’s is on point. Duke’s Trees gets overlooked quite often, allowing for large powder stashes to take form without being touched. You’ll certainly find some fresh snow in here.

1. Windows

Windows, located on the far looker’s right side of Peak 9 takes the top spot here. You can access Windows via E-chair. This run features narrow trees on a steep slope to get the blood flowing. It definitely caters to the more advanced skiers and boarders. Hold off on dropping in early and take the traverse further out to access some of the less skied snow. Windows is a blast!

If you love to explore the trees, check out these five!

–Chris Burton

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