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Take on Lindsey Vonn with EpicMix Racing

Racing at Breckenridge

The EpicMix Racing has finally given me a chance to see how I stack up against a pro, namely, Lindsey Vonn.

The first ski race I remember watching on TV was the 1976 Olympic downhill, in which Franz Klammer won the gold medal. Four years later, at age 10, I had my first experience on skis and have been hooked since. I always wanted to race, but living in Southern California with parents who didn’t ski, opportunity didn’t come my way.

When I found out about EpicMix Racing this year, it reignited a new wave of curiosity about racing. I went to the Breckenridge course carrying an extra set of skis in case the course was similar to the previous “less turny” courses that Nastar held at many ski resorts.EpicMixRacingBooth

Over the last 20-something years, I had run the Nastar courses 10-15 times, which sums up my racing experience.

At Breckenridge Ski Resort, I was pleasantly surprised to find a much more exciting course, requiring more technical ability.

I had also brought my friend’s 9-year-old daughter along, as she has begun racing this year with Team Breck. Together we had a blast. Run after run, we had a benchmark time to get closer to. Knowing it was Lindsey’s time made it that much more desirable. Having had a few good runs, I was a bit disappointed at being 5 seconds behind Lindsey. But the experience is definitely thrilling and addictive.

At each of Vail Resort’s mountains, similar courses are set, and then pacesetters ski the courses to set Lindsey’s time.

Top point leaders will be invited to a race event on Birds of Prey at the end of March called the Lindsey Vonn Race Series. EpicMix Racing costs $8 for the first run of the season and $4 for every run afterward. After the first race, I couldn’t help but load 10 more onto my pass so I could work on my time, and hopefully edge closer to Lindsey.

If you want to race at Breck, head over to Peak 9 and look for the green flag waving in front of a little wooden hut near the Beaver Run SuperChair, on the blue run, Sundown.

— Dylan Nicoletti

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