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Top 10 black runs at Breck

Peak 10 signs

Do you like to live on the edge? Do you like to ski or board on the edge? If so, you definitely want to check this out. This is the Top 10 black runs at Breck.

10. Cimmaron

Located on Peak 10, this single diamond groomer is fast and steep. Lots of fun rollers make this trail a speed demon’s favorite.

9. Corsair

This run is located on Peak 10 and is chalk full of grueling, quad-muscle-burning moguls. It’s a relatively straight, narrow, and steep run.

8. Windows

Windows is located off of E chair on Peak 9. Take a right off of the chair and traverse straight into the woods for some of Breck’s best tree skiing. Traverse further and be rewarded with fresher, less skied snow.

The Burn
The entrance to The Burn.

7. The Burn

The Burn on Peak 10 is one of the most well known tree skiing runs at Breckenridge. It’s so massive though that there is often plenty of snow to go around. Don’t be fooled by the top section, this run gets steeper and steeper as you descend and is a dream on a powder day.

6. Ore Bucket

Ore Bucket, located on Peak 7, requires a small sidestep up a short hill and a traverse. It’s all worth it when you find your freshies in here, even days after a storm. Head to the skier’s right side for the steep stuff or go left for something a little tamer. It’s all good in Ore Bucket.

Silvia Mittermueller in Breck Parks
Silvia Mittermueller in Freeway.

5. Freeway Terrain Park

This is Breck’s flagship terrain park. World renown for its massive, perfectly shaped and maintained features. From huge step down jumps, to mind boggling rails and a 22 foot superpipe, Freeway has it all. This is also the home of the Dew Tour Mountain Championships and the training grounds for the Breck Pro Team.

4. Mine Shaft

You can access Mine Shaft behind the Peak 9 Restaurant. After cutting through some thick trees, this run opens up into a narrow chute that’s littered with moguls. The steepness of this run is sure to get your adrenaline going all the way to the bottom.

Fresh pow on Snow White.

3. Snow White

This “hike to” bowl is well worth the short trip. Take the Imperial Chair and hike to the summit. From there it’s an easy traverse past the Lake Chutes and into the next bowl. Choose where you want to drop according to cornice height and where the most fresh snow is. This one is a blast!

2. Contest Bowl

Contest Bowl, located on Peak 8, to the looker’s left of Horseshoe Bowl is home to some very steep terrain with numerous rock drops. One of the best is “Joker Rock”. This cliff is located on the skier’s left side of the bowl and is a blast to launch, especially on days with a fresh powder landing.

1. Horseshoe Bowl

Horseshoe Bowl takes the cake at #1. The entire bowl is full of possibilities. Head right down the middle section or just to the skier’s left for some of the steepest terrain in the area. Eagle’s Nest and Lulu’s are steep and feature a couple of sizeable rock drops. The most famous of these is “Lulu’s Rock”. Try your hand at Horseshoe Bowl today!

These are the top 10 black runs at Breckenridge. Can you ski all 10?

–Chris Burton

7 Responses

  1. Elsa Clift Everling

    I only managed to ski the #10, Corsair. The rest are way out of my league.

    • Frankie Todack

      I'm still impressed!

  2. I always thought 4. Mine Shaft was the narrow, steep drop through the trees that's between the Crotch and actual Mine Shaft. It's great through there in most conditions. Since we're giving away most of the mountains secrets here, I'm surprised that Magic Carpet on the other side of the Whale's Tail wasn't mentioned.

  3. Bill Lemens

    Ahhh, my playground. 🙂

  4. Peak 10 in general should be all over this. Best place to ride.

  5. You forgot the always fun Whales TTail.

  6. Roger Mecca

    Wacky Tim's in the Lake Chutes (down through the rock face, all the way skier's right) is the toughest run on the mountain. Period. Serious "you fall, you're injured" area.

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