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Run of the day at Breck: Pioneer Mar. 13, 2013

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Are you looking for a little more variety in the terrain that you’re skiing or boarding? Perhaps you’re looking to get into some bump skiing? Today’s Run of the day at Breck could be your answer.


Bumps and corduroy
Bumps and corduroy, Pioneer has it all!

Pioneer is classified as a blue run and is located on Peak 7. From fun rollers on freshly groomed corduroy, to soft bumps littered across the skier’s left, this trail has something to offer for any intermediate skier.

Maybe you like to stick to the more tame stuff. If that’s the case, keep it on the groomed snow. The soft rollers on Pioneer are a blast. Want to kick it up a notch and try your hand in the moguls? Jump over to the left side, where there are two separate mogul fields at different areas of the trail. The nice thing about this run is that if you get tired, or decide the bumps are too much, you can get back out on the corduroy very easily.

Sunrise from Pioneer.

Best time to go

Like a lot of trails, the best time to visit pioneer is earlier in the day. This run can become popular, because it’s so much fun. If you get there early in the day, you can end up having the whole run to yourself. The best place to go to look for the soft snow is on the sides of the trail. There is a lot of snow that gets pushed over to the sides throughout the day, so look there for the soft stuff. Swan City is a fun little detour that branches off from Pioneer before meeting back up again near the bottom. Though this run does get groomed from time to time, it is a good place to look for fresh snow. It certainly does not see as many skis or boards as the more popular trails of Peak 7.

Getting there

You can access Pioneer via the Independence Superchair on Peak 7. The trail runs next to the chairlift and follows it all the way back to the base area.

If you’re looking for a little something different, you don’t want to miss out on Pioneer. Give it a shot today.

–Chris Burton

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