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Top 10 blue runs at Breck

Northstar sign

Are you an intermediate skier or snowboarder looking for more of a variety in your terrain? Maybe you’re looking to step up from the green slopes onto the blues? Look no further, because this is your guide. Here are the top 10 blue runs at Breckenridge. Check the terrain map here to find them easily.

10. Upper Lehman

Upper Lehman can be accessed via the Mercury Superchair. It takes a roundabout route on the outskirts of peak 9. This mellow cruiser is quite peaceful, out of the way and rarely crowded.

9. Cashier

This run is chock full of fun rollers and is great for a mellow cruise. Located on Peak 9, but set out of the way of the more popular trails, Cashier is a fun groomer for just about anyone.

8. Sundown

This run is a blast. Test your skills up top before heading to the EpicMix Race course on the skier’s left. See how well you match up with the most-decorated ski racer in American history, Lindsey Vonn.

#7 Northstar is looking great.

7. Northstar

Northstar is located on Peak 8 and provides something for everyone. This long and relatively straight groomer is great for carving fatties at high speeds or taking it slower and enjoying the views of downtown Breckenridge.

6. Wirepatch

This blue run on Peak 7 has a little of everything. Check out some of the un-groomed snow in the trees up top, before popping back onto the corduroy.

5. Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo runs on the outskirts of Peak 7. This is the “lazy river” style of the blue runs. It’s a mellow, low angled trail that is great for the first-time blue skier.

4. Duke’s Run

This run is classified as black at the very top, but it quickly mellows out to a blue. Duke’s Run has so much variety. This Peak 8 cruiser offers plenty of corduroy, an abundance of bumps, and copious amounts of tree skiing. Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it on Duke’s.

3. Gold King

Gold King is one the most fun blues on Peak 9. It’s a little more on the advanced-intermediate side, given the steepness in some areas. Don’t forget to explore the trees on either side for a little fresh snow.

2. Crescendo

Crescendo is known for its perfect corduroy lines on one side and soft, moderately sized moguls on the other. This run is great for the skier who wants to test out the waters of mogul skiing, but doesn’t want to commit to a trail full of bumps.

1. Claimjumper

The view from Claimjumper.

Claimjumper takes the cake here. This blue run, located in between Peak 7 and 8, has it all. Sure, there is great corduroy, fun rollers, and varying fall lines. What’s really special about this run is the amazing views. Claimjumper faces southeast and looks straight at Baldy Mountain, giving skiers and boarders outstanding scenery.

If you think that you’re ready to move on from the blue trails, stay tuned for the Top 10 black runs at Breck, coming soon.

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  1. I believe you have captured them Mr. Burton! And I have done several of those runs w you.

  2. Headed out to Breck from NC first week in April and looking forward to checking out these runs. Thanks for the info.

  3. would love to go back and do these runs but will have to wait until next year!

  4. I see my favorite run on Peak 9, Gold King, has made it into the top three blue runs at Breck.

  5. Matt Sornig

    Might be hitting up some of these in the near future 🙂

  6. Monte Cristo and Claimjumper for the first run of the day..Awesome.

  7. Elsa Clift Everling

    Great blue runs! We did them all on our stay this year at Breckenridge.

  8. Sally Perkins DeFelice

    Thank you for the list! looking for fun….just decided it will mark our ski plan for today!

  9. Look at this and you'll see why I need to fly to Denver ASAP!

  10. Ah, very fond memories of 2014.

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