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7 best spa treatments in Breck

Are you looking for the best spa treatments in Breckenridge, Colorado?  There’s a nice mix of spas located slopeside, while others are downtown.  Here are what I consider to be the seven best treatments in Breck. Browse through all spas available in town at the Breck Spa page here.

  1. Blue River Stone Massage
    When you’re finished skiing, head down to the slopeside services at the Rejuvenation Center at One Ski Hill Place, located at the base of Peak 8.  Basic massages start with a deep hydration wrap, and the “Blue River Stone Massage” places warm stones on your body to help muscles repair, improve circulation and decrease the pain and soreness from a hard day on the mountain. This luxury is well-received after a cold day.
  2. Couples Massage
    When you’re downtown, you can mix a bit of shopping with pampering as you spend time with the team at the Blue Sage Spa. Longtime local owners, Amy and Caren, are very adventurous mountain girls who telemark and mountain bike when they’re not helping set up their specialty spa packages, which includes a couples massage,which has both persons in the same room for an intimate massage experience.
  3. Tibetan Ocean Massage
    East meets west when you visit the Sol Impressions massage studio and enjoy “one of the oldest forms of massage therapy on earth,” the Tibetan Ocean Massage.  This technique uses focused energy work, with attention to pressure points.  The experience includes listening to tones from the soul-penetrating resonance of the singing bowls that can reach your inner being.
  4. Watsu
    Located on the lower slopes of Peak 9 is the Spa at Beaver Run.  Local owners Julie and Phil are both telemark skiers and have big furry friends they take cross country skiing in between arranging the Watsu, a “gentle form of body therapy performed in warm water…relaxing the body, spine, joints and muscles, allowing them to be manipulated in ways unique to water work.”
  5. Mountain RecoverySpa-facial
    This treatment is found at another slopeside venue on Peak 9, the Spa at Breckenridge, located in the Blue Sky Resort.  You can literally click out of your skis and be in the spa in just a few seconds.  Once there, you can enjoy the mountain recovery, which focuses on the muscles used when playing hard in the mountains.
  6. Reflexology
     The Health Massage Center is located in the heart of the historic district in downtown Breckenridge, and offers specialty treatments for the face and for feet.  Perfect for tired dogs that have been in ski boots all day.
  7. The Ex Factor
    A Mountain Sanctuary offer a treatment they call the “Ex Factor,” which involves an exfoliation and massage combo that helps soothe skin in the high mountain alpine environment.

Once you’ve booked your lodging, ski rentals and made dinner reservations, make sure to set aside time for a bit of luxury and pampering.  Book a massage and treat yourself.  Your body will thank you for it, and who knows, you just might be a better skier because of it.

— Stacy Sanchez

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  1. Be sure to ask us how we can help send flowers to the room to have them waiting when she returns from the spa and one of these amazing treatments.

  2. Anonymous

    Alpine spa and salon offers the best prices from professional massage therapists, if you just need a good rub without all the bells and whistles….Or the spa at Valdoro mountain lodge let's you use their hot tubs before and after the massage when you book a massage at their spa…. not for nothing

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