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Top 10 green runs at Breck

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If you’re a beginner skier or you just tend to enjoy the green runs more than the more technical stuff, you don’t want to miss this. From your very first bunny slope to the long and winding groomers with breathtaking views, here are the top 10 green runs at Breck. Check the terrain map here to find them easily.

10. Dyersville

Dyersville is on Peak 8 and is your first destination after graduating from the bunny hill. If you are a true beginner, this is where you’re likely to ride on your first real chair lift, Rip’s Ride. Though the terrain on this run varies little from the bunny hill, it is a bit longer.

9. Silverthorne

This run is located on Peak 9 and can be accessed by the Quicksilver Super6 chair. Silverthorne is a step up from Dyersville as it is considerably longer and features some areas of slightly steeper pitches.

8. Lower Lehman

This is the “lazy river” run of Peak 9 as it meanders through the trees on the outskirts the resort. This run stays relatively flat and is very relaxing for most.

7. Frontier

This trail runs right next to Lower Lehman, but features a more direct route, with some pitches of varying steepness. Frontier merges with Silverthorne before you get back to the base area.

6. Twister

Twister is a mellow trail that runs right next to Freeway, Breck’s premier terrain park. It provides the perfect viewpoint of the daredevils who are hucking their bodies through the air on massive jumps. Once you’re ready to take on a bit more of the mountain, use Twister to bring you to 5 Chair.

Springmeier or Swinger?

5. Swinger

This run, right off of 5 Chair is of gradual steepness, with little variance in fall line or turning. It’s for those who like consistency. It’s straight and mellow.

4. Springmeier

Springmeier is typically the very first run to open each year. This is because skiers of mostly all abilities can handle it. The top section is classified as blue, but if you use 5 Chair, you’ll only get the green. The best time to catch this run is early, because it becomes very popular as the day goes on.

Looking down Powerline.

3. Powerline

Powerline runs directly under the 5 Chair lift line. This run provides an option if you’re needing a break from Springmeier. The terrain is quite similar, but Powerline tends to be less popular on the busier days.

2. Sawmill

This trail begins about half way down 4 O’Clock Run and provides access from Peak 8 to Peak 9. Sawmill is a mellow route around the steep section of Crosscut, in between 4 O’Clock Run and Lower Sawmill.

1. 4 O’Clock Run

4 O’clock Run is one of Breckenridge’s most well known trails. At three and a half miles long, this run goes from being classified as black up top, blue in the middle, and the lower section (the longest section) is green. Take 4 O’Clock Run all the way to town and ride the gondola back to the base. This is a nice, leisurely trail, with amazing views.

Think you’re ready to graduate to the blues? Keep an eye out for the Top 10 blue runs at Breck, coming soon.

–Chris Burton

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  1. Taking a trip to Breck and want to take it easy? Check out the Top 10 Green Runs and plan your skiing accordingly:

    • Carley Doerflinger Moreau

      See ya tomorrow!!! 😉

    • Carley Doerflinger Moreau

      See ya tomorrow!!! 😉

    • Tom Joad

      4 O' clock was definitely my favorite out of those.

    • just not park lane or freeway please

    • Agnieszka Materna

      Breckenridge see you in few weeks…

  2. Agnieszka Materna

    Breckenridge see you in few weeks…

    • Agnieszka Materna

      Typically, March and April are the snowiest months in the high country. With the warmer weather, you can count on the snow being soft; because of Breck’s elevation, you usually don’t have to worry about it being slushy.

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