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Top five bump runs on Peak 8

High Anxiety

Are you one of those skiers or boarders who enjoys the bumps more than the groomers? Do you get satisfaction out of that “feel the burn” sensation in your legs at the end of the day? If you answered yes, then you don’t want to miss out on the top five bump runs on Peak 8 at Breckenridge.

5. Crescendo

Crescendo is classified as a blue run mainly for its steepness. This moderately low-angled run is usually groomed on the skier’s right side and littered with bumps on the left. This trail is great for warming up those legs during your first run of the day. Crescendo is located to the skier’s right of the Colorado Superchair and can be accessed via Springmeier.

Bumps on Duke’s Run.

4. Duke’s Run

Duke’s run is located to the skier’s left of the Rocky Mountain Superchair. Though the very top section of Duke’s is classified as a black run, it is mostly blue. Like Crescendo, the right side of Duke’s is groomed regularly, but the left is full of bumps, from top to bottom. Duke’s can be a real thigh burner, especially if you are daring enough to ride the bumps all the way down without reverting back to the corduroy.

3. Little Johnny

This single black diamond run is located directly under the Rocky Mountain Superchair. As you can see from the lift, this run is un-groomed, allowing for moguls to form across the varying fall lines. On a day with fresh snow, Little Johnny is one of the most fun runs to be on. There are plenty of natural features like trees and rocks to pop off of, so you can showboat to the spectators on the lift.

High Anxiety
The steeps of High Anxiety.

2. High Anxiety

High Anxiety is located right in between the Colorado and Rocky Mountain Superchairs. This single black diamond is covered with large moguls all season long. The challenge with this trail is the blind rollovers and rapidly changing fall lines. This, coupled with massive moguls, make High Anxiety live up to its name. You can access this run via Rounders. Take your first turn on the skier’s right. There is a sign for High Anxiety here.

1. Mach 1

Mach 1 is arguably the toughest bump run on Peak 8. It is classified as a double black diamond. The steepness combined with the large, tightly placed moguls, leave little room for error on this trail. If you’re not in complete control of your skis or board you can get moving too quickly and be heading downhill at Mach 1.

These are the top five bump runs on Peak 8. Can you master all five?

–Chris Burton

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  1. Think your legs can handle all of these? Try them back to back for a real test of your quads.

    • Brakeman, Boiler, Long Haul, Short Haul, Coupler…Ooops that Mary Jane Winter Park

    • Was on the mountain yesterday and today. Yesterday it was snowing and we got about 10 inches of fresh powder! It was amazing. Today it was sunny and about 30 degrees! Warm!

    • Chris Steeger

      All jokes at only 800' vert ea. Try the Beave! Birds O Prey or grouse pick any bump run and it'll destroy these 5 put together 😉

    • Or better yet, Mary Jane @ Winter Park. No Pain, No Jane. Or Pali lift @ A-Basin.

    • Dionne Allen

      no comparison to the Jane!!!

    • James Meyers

      ….annnnnnd cue the doosher who's going to tell us all how lame these runs are…didn't see that coming at all

    • Mike Whiting

      try doing it ten times in a row, but i agree with dionne allen, no mary jane area at winter park, there bumps are so awesome, but breck and keystone have some real nice bump runs.

    • Yup did them all on Monday at BC. What a workout

  2. Major Quad Workout!

  3. Mach 1 Is a Great Trail Loved Skiing It the Last two Weeks!

  4. Sorry but you missed Peerless and Psycopath… get away from Peak 8!

  5. Betsy Kenniston

    Claire Batista – how many of these did you do?

  6. Actually, the best bumps at Breckenridge right now are on Peak 10 on Grits. They are round and rhythmic (for breck) They are in view of the chair and wall to wall bumps. These two factors keep them nice. Unfortunately it is a really short run. I would like to see Wall to Wall bumps on Chrystal all the way down.

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