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Run of the day at Breck: Rounders Mar. 1, 2013

If you are a skier or snowboarder who fancies the steeper groomers, you won’t want to miss this. If you have fun venturing off the beaten path and into the trees for a little challenge and some variety, this is where you’ll find it. Do you enjoy cruising down the steeps through five inches of fresh powder? Who doesn’t? This is what you want. This is Rounders and it’s today’s Run of the day at Breck.


Rounders is classified as a single black diamond trail and it is located on Peak 8, between the Rocky Mountain and Colorado Superchairs. This steep-pitched groomer provides lots of fun and variety for the advanced to expert skier or snowboarder. Carve turns down picture-perfect corduroy, hit up the trees for some fresh snow, or pop off of a rock and show off to your friends. Rounders has it all.

Fresh Powder
Fresh Powder on Rounders

Today’s conditions

Rounders is groomed on a regular basis, leaving fresh corduroy for everyone, however that is not the case today. Today, Ullr, the Norse god of winter, has graciously blessed us with five inches of new snow. Rounders is in top-notch condition. Forget the groomed corduroy lines. Today it’s all fresh, soft snow. There’s nothing more fun than hitting the steeps and getting face shots on a powder day, right? You don’t have to venture into the trees to find the soft stuff today, because it’s everywhere. Get out there and get some of the freshies.

Getting there

To get to Rounders, you can take either the Colorado or the Rocky Mountain Superchair. If you choose Colorado, you’ll want to take the Columbine crosscut that runs to the right of the chair. On busier days, you can avoid a popular Colorado Superchair by using the Rocky Mountain chair. From the top of the lift, go left and drop into Rounders by cutting across the Columbine crosscut. Be aware of uphill traffic.

Get out there and have a blast on Rounders. You don’t want to miss this!

–Chris Burton

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  1. Sandra Ward Yancy

    I am sure my son, Tanner would absolutely love to be in Breck right now! Love him so much! Remember Italy is not far away!

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