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Top five groomers on Peak 8

Top of Colorado Superchair

Do you enjoy keeping it mellow on the groomers while you are at Breckenridge? Maybe you like to hit the groomers every once in a while to break up the day between gnarly tree runs and park laps?

Here is our list of the top five groomers on Peak 8.

5. Springmeier

Springmeier is typically the first run to open each season. This run starts off as an intermediate blue and then quickly transitions to a green. It is a slow skiing zone and it can be found empty if you get there early in the morning. Springmeier is a great way to warm up the legs on your first run of the day.

Great views and fresh corduroy on Northstar.

4. Northstar

This run is classified as intermediate and can be accessed by the Columbine crosscut off of the Colorado and Rocky Mountain Superchairs. The best thing about Northstar is that it is usually quite empty. It often gets overlooked given the location far to the right side of Peak 8. It’s a long, straight shot of a cruiser, providing endless corduroy fun for skiers and boarders.

3. Claimjumper

Claimjumper is an intermediate run that is located to the far right of Peak 8, past Northstar. This trail is one of the widest groomers that Breck has to offer and this means breathtaking views. It is absolutely one of the most scenic trails, catering to those skiers and boarders who are looking for the “whole experience”.

2. Spruce

Spruce is classified as a single black diamond and it is located directly under the Colorado Superchair. This trail is difficult because of the blind rollovers, steep headwalls, and the narrow exit. It’s a blast of a cruiser, but beware of the blind rollovers and headwalls.

Duke's Run
The view from the top of Duke’s Run.

1. Duke’s Run

Arguably the most fun cruiser on Peak 8, Duke’s Run starts out pretty steep at the top and then mellows out for a long cruise back to the lift. If you get there early in the morning, you’ll enjoy carving fatty turns on fresh corduroy and it’s likely that you will have Duke’s all to yourself.

These are the top five groomers on Peak 8. Be sure to get out there and give them a shot.

–Chris Burton

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