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Why Breck? My top 5 reasons.

Silvia Mittermueller in Breck Parks

I remember reading about Breckenridge in snowboard magazines in Germany back in the day, and thinking that it was the weirdest name for a ski resort that I had ever heard of. Back then, I would have never thought that not only one day I’d make the long trip from Germany to Breck, but even fall in love with the place in a way that I’d keep coming back for years and eventually make it my home.

But what makes Breckenridge better than any other place in the world?

Here are 5 good reasons (sure there´s many more!)

1)     The best jumps in the world

To a pro snowboarder,the most important criteria is — of course —  good snowboarding. There are a handful of other resorts that have built amazing jumps in the past, but I know no place that has been building perfect jumps every single year — despite any snow conditions — like Breck has since almost 10 years of knowing the place. Breck, hands down, has the best jumps I know. And I know a lot of jumps.

2)     The altitude

I’ve never gotten sick from the altitude, I just get very intense dreams for a while and feel not hungry for some days. After that, snowboarding and working out at altitude gets me in the best shape in no time. Swimming the first mile at over 9500 feet of altitude is surely a challenge,but the human body adapts quick and within no time you feel like a superhero. Especially when you return to normal altitude. I also love the thought, that my bed in Breck is at higher altitude than the highest peak (Zugspitze) we have in my home country of Germany.

3)     The rec center

Silvia Mittermueller at the Breck Rec Center

The Breck rec center is the best gym I’ve come across in my entire life. They offer everything your heart can desire (cardio zone, weights, machines, balance toys, stretching area, indoor running track, basketball, squash, tennis courts, 25 yard lap pool, two hot tubs, climbing wall, etc) but it comes at a very cheap price (around $50 for a month) too. I go there pretty much every day.

4)     The free bus system

For over 5 years, I’ve been spending a majority of my winters in Breckenridge, but have never owned a car. How does that work? There’s a extensive, well-functioning bus system all over Breck, and it’s even completely free. Most buses run early morning until late at night, and take you anywhere in Breck as well as to Frisco, Keystone, Silverthorne or Copper. Being environmentally friendly has never been that easy and cheap.

5)     The inexplicable fairy tale bubble

My last reason may be the most important one, but also the hardest to explain in words. It takes coming here to really understand what I mean. Breck is a little town, high up in the mountains, with the most incredible skiing and snowboarding imaginable. It’s small enough to walk anywhere by foot if you had to, but big enough to offer everything you really need to be happy in life. It’s like a mini-universe in the big universe. You come here, find everything you need and want, and forget everything that was out there, where ever you may have come from. It’s like entering a fairy tale world, and you are a main character in it. If you like dreaming like I do, you may get sucked into this place just like I did. And not leave anymore, unless you have to. I warned you!

– Silvia Mittermueller

Silvia Mittermueller is on the Breck Pro Team and calls Breckenridge her winter home. 

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  1. one day we are in Breck too 🙂

  2. one day we are in Breck too 🙂

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