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Run of the day: Claimjumper Feb. 20, 2013

Looking up Claimjumper

Do you enjoy skiing those wide-open cruisers with breathtaking views? Here at Breckenridge, we’ve got plenty. Today’s Run of the day is Claimjumper.

Claimjumper is classified as a blue run on Peak 8. This groomer gives skiers and boarders the full experience as they carve turns down fresh corduroy and stop to take in the beautiful scenery.

The view

For many people, skiing is about getting the whole experience. It may not be just about the terrain or how many vertical feet you can ski in one day. The views are an important part of the total package and Claimjumper boasts some of the most beautiful at Breckenridge. While you are out there to ski, there is nothing wrong with stopping and taking a minute to enjoy the scenery. Due to the fact that this trail is so wide, it gives skiers awesome panoramic views of Baldy Mountain and downtown Breckenridge. Be sure to take a second and enjoy.

Mt. Baldy from Claimjumper
View of Baldy Mountain and Downtown Breckenridge.

The terrain

Claimjumper is classified as a blue intermediate trail and is ideal for the middle-of-the-road skier. Whether you like to keep it mellow on the groomers all day or you are looking to warm up your legs during your first run, this is the ideal trail for you. It is groomed nightly, making for fresh corduroy every morning and it’s loaded with fun knolls and rollers for your enjoyment. Take it slow or carve up some fatties across this ultra wide, super fun cruiser. Whichever you choose, be sure to get out there and enjoy it.

Getting there

You can access Claimjumper by either the Colorado Superchair or the Rocky Mountain Superchair. From these lifts, take the Columbine crosscut past the T-Bar. You’ll see signs for Claimjumper and access to Peak 7. The Independence Superchair on Peak 7 can also get you there.

For the full experience, go check out Claimjumper.

Also, check the OpenSnow forecast by clicking here. It’s looking like a powder day on Sunday!

–Chris Burton

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  1. Snow is in the forecast! OpenSnow is predicting a powder day on Sunday! Check out what it's like today on Claimjumper, our Run of the Day:

  2. Robb Maddox

    Check this out Timothy!

  3. missing the powder day Sunday but my Girlfriend and I get to start our Epic Wish on Monday. Thank you Breck it should be amazing! Great Program! Hope the Tuesday Wednesday storm turns out to be good next week!

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