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Run of the day at Breck: Duke’s Run Feb. 17, 2013

Peaks 7 and 8

Do you ever look for that special run on the mountain that just seems to have it all? Look no further, because the Run of the day at Breckenridge Ski Resort is Duke’s Run on Peak 8.

Access this run by either the Colorado SuperChair or the Rocky Mountain SuperChair. This advanced intermediate run has something for pretty much everyone. From steep, groomed terrain to fresh powder in the trees, Duke’s Run has it all.

Groomed corduroy

Top of Duke's
The view from the top of Duke’s.

Duke’s Run starts out with a steep pitch to get the blood flowing. The top section is classified as a Black run, but it soon mellows out to a Blue. Get here early. You just may have some of the best turns of the day as you carve fatties down the fresh corduroy all the way to the lift again. Head over to skier’s right for some fresh snow. The natural fall line of Duke’s allows for lots of soft snow to be pushed to this side. Often times you’ll find plenty of leftovers here, especially late in the day.


Once you are ready for something a bit more technical, look to the mogul fields on the skier’s left side. This part of the trail is rarely groomed, allowing for some picture perfect bumps to form. If you are really looking for a thigh burn, you can take them all the way down the left side until they flatten out and join up with the corduroy again.

Tree skiing

Last, but most certainly not least, is the tree skiing that Duke’s has to offer. This is my personal favorite aspect of this run. I recommend hitting the trees from the very top. It is the steepest and usually has the freshest, most untouched snow of the whole run.

To get there, stay on the catwalk from the lift until you pass the sign for Duke’s Run. Just past this sign, you’ll see some tracks dropping into the trees from the catwalk. Pick your line from here and enjoy the fresh snow on this moderately steep descent. I’ve found there to be untouched snow in these trees even weeks after a storm. For some reason, it just does not get skied off easily. Stick to the right side of the glade for the steeper stuff. If you look more toward the middle, there are open gullies with loose trees for a more mellow descent.

Get out there and enjoy Duke’s Run.

–Chris Burton

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