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10″ new snow at Breck [VIDEO]

Cupid must have hit Ullr directly in the heart last night as he dumped 10 inches of new snow on the mountain (with 6″ of that falling overnight)! Get to Breck now for incredible conditions.


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  1. We don't mean to rub it in if you weren't here today, but it was pretty darn good. Check out the video to see why:

    • Ellen Davis-Meehan

      at least my daughter is there … love Breck!

    • Dwayne Nesmith


    • Jason Powell

      Awesome day had a blast

    • Jennifer Hoskins

      video is no longer visible 🙁

    • @Jennifer Hoskins what browser are you on? Internet Explorer? What version?

    • Gavin Tennant

      We need to go back!

    • Noah Block

      Sick day!

    • Fabian Moni

      Stuck on the closed pass – As soon as they open we will try that Powder!

    • The ultimate wellness program!!

    • Michael Streicher

      at least 16 inches on south side of peak 10

  2. Russel Anthony

    was a gewd day!

  3. 'twas a great day.

  4. Brooke McGhee why didn't we go today?

    • Brooke McGhee

      WOOWWWWW Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lisette Pregelj

    forget about us skiers?

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