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New snow falls on Breck: Feb. 10, 2013

5  inches of new snow has fallen on Breck in the past 24 hours and it certainly shows out there on the mountain. The groomers are in top notch condition and the tree skiing is great, so be sure to get out there and get some of that fresh stuff. Be on the lookout for more snow soon!

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  1. Paula Rodgers

    Colin, Ian and company….. heading to Breckenridge today!

  2. wish I was there to ski it!

    • That blog is Chris's new job. He gets up super early, skis the mountain and then blogs about it for the Brek website. Cool right?

    • Yes it is super cool! He does a wonderful job of describing it, you can imagine you are right there with him turn for turn.

  3. Nice day, some snow and some sunshine.

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