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A guide to Breck’s Ore Bucket run

Looking at Mt. Baldy from Ore Bucket

Having spent the last five years skiing at Breckenridge Ski Resort, three as a commuter from Boulder and two while living right here on Peak 8, I’ve certainly developed a few favorite runs on the mountain. Here is a guide to one of Breckenridge’s best secret stashes. You certainly won’t want to leave Breckenridge without checking this gem out.

Ore Bucket is a glade located to skier’s left off of the Independence Superchair on Peak 7. What sets this run apart from other tree runs at Breck is it’s varying terrain, breathtaking views, and the abundance of secret stashes it has to offer.

Terrain and conditions

Ore Bucket is a single black diamond glade which can be accessed by a very short sidestep and traverse from the Independence Superchair. This run has something to offer for anyone from an advanced-intermediate to a seasoned expert skier or snowboarder. For the more advanced, you’ll want to drop in early from the traverse for some tight trees littered across a steep slope. If you stay a bit left, there is likely to be some fresh snow left over, even days after a storm.

For the more novice tree skiers or boarders, you’ll want to stay on the traverse, following the boundary line. About 100 yards in, you’ll see the trees open up to not only some of the most stunning panoramic views from Peak 6 to Baldy Mountain, but also a seemingly endless variety of lines to descend upon. From here, venture to skier’s left a bit for those left over snow stashes.

Snowboarding Ore Bucket
Finding some soft snow in Ore Bucket.

Accessing Ore Bucket

Ore Bucket can be accessed via the Independence Superchair. Head to looker’s right from the chair toward the trail map sign. You will likely see other sidestep marks behind the sign. Follow the ski boundary line and traverse into the trees.

Best time to go

Ore Bucket is a favorite of mine, because it typically has great conditions from December through the end of the season. As January, February, and March are the snowiest months in Breckenridge, I recommend visiting it during these times.

Get out there and enjoy it!

— Chris Burton

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  1. This is awesome blog. And can't wait to go to Ore Bucket! Thanks, Mr. Burton!

  2. Gina Gioscia

    Love the model.

  3. Ore Bucket has always been my favorite area at Breckenridge and I was stoked to see your blog! Had the awesome opportunity to ski Ore Bucket sunday 2/24 with my son AJ and buddy Craig… It was great. Your description is right on- there was powder galore on skier's left. It was AJ's first time, and he tore it up… even though he had a little "issue" with some deep powder and a tree well…haha!

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