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How to get to Breckenridge

Scenic Night View of Town of Breckenridge

Once you get to Breckenridge, you won’t want to leave. But first you have to get there. Here’s how.


Breckenridge is about 100 miles west of the Denver International Airport. Direct flights from around the country arrive here daily. Land, get your luggage and skis and either grab a shuttle or rent a car (more on that in a minute). The drive will take anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours.

Other airports include the Eagle/Vail airport, which is about 70 miles west of Breckenridge, and the Colorado Springs Airport, 170 miles away and a two and a half hour drive to Breck.

All airports have private shuttle companies to transport passengers to the mountains.


I-70. You might have heard of it. If you’re driving to Breckenridge from Denver or Boulder, you’re going to drive this infamous interstate and you very likely will get stuck in traffic. Don’t fight it. Do wonder when they’re going to install a mountain train (we wonder that regularly. We also wonder who “they” are.) And just allow for some traffic delays.

Directions are simple: drive west on I-70 until to exit 203—to State Highway 9. Follow this road into Breckenridge.

You can either rent a car or take the Colorado Mountain Express. CME offers door-to-door service, point-to-point, charter vans, and “CME Premier,” which is a private chauffer.

Colorado Mountain Express van
Colorado Mountain Express shuttle

This comprehensive service offers transportation to and from downtown Denver or Denver International Airport and the mountains, and the drivers are experts in traffic flow. That means they will be able to assess when you need to leave town in order to catch your flight in plenty of time. Plus the shuttles offer free WiFi so keeping yourself or your family entertained is a cinch.  Rates vary depending on destination and time of travel. Search for rates and available shuttles for your trip.

Or book your rental car.


If you were a piece of coal, there’d be a train for you. Sadly, there’s not a viable rail service for humans. From Denver, Amtrack operates train service to Winter Park and Glenwood Springs. Those are scenic rides, but they don’t drop you anywhere near Breck.

— Rachel Walker

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