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How to Gear Up for Breck in the Fall

Couple Hiking in Summer at Breckenridge

In the winter, folks sometimes call it “Breckenfridge” for the cold Colorado air. Stick around for powder season and you’ll understand.

But in the fall, when the aspen leaves crisp into a golden hew and the rivers take on a lazy meander, the weather is absolutely perfect. Daytime highs around 70 degrees. Nighttime lows in the low 30s. Frost in the morning, high sun in the afternoon, cool evenings.

So what’s a person to wear or ride during the fall season? Check it out. Then head to O2GearShop.com for sweet deals.


Baselayers rule. Regardless of the season, it’s wise to wear a technical top next to your skin if you’re going to be out hiking, running, biking, or fishing. These base layers wick moisture away from the skin, dry easily and provide insulation.

One of our favorites is the Helly Hansen Ice Crew, which features a snug fit and relatively thick merino wool fabric. This retro-looking crew is so soft you can wear it directly against your skin, and its patented wicking technology ensures you’ll stay dry.

Next pick an insulating fleece or wool sweater like Icebreaker’s Quest Zip. The zipper lets you vent sweat and the wool/lycra blend ensures a snug-but-comfortable fit.

Finally, for a shell, look no further than Rab’s Kinetic jacket. Rab makes unimpeachable, durable, lightweight alpine gear that will last a lifetime. This waterproof shell offers both function and fashion—in a mountain town outdoorsy way. Wear it hiking, running, climbing, or just keep it handy in case of a spontaneous downpour.


You may not need to wear them, but make sure to throw a bottom baselayer into your pack for when the weather changes. Then, don some Mountain Khaki shorts. The women’s lake lodge shorts sport a flattering fit, deep pockets, and a quick-drying cotton/Lycra blend.

Serious hikers will want a pair of lightweight long pants, and we recommend the Arc’Teryx Rampart Pants. We dare you to figure out how to destroy these pants in the wild. You can’t. The hems are reinforced, the material almost entirely rip-proof. Plus they fit great.


You’d be remiss to come to Breck in the fall and not ride—mountain or road. There are many bike shops in town to choose a rental from. Start with Breck Sports. They’ve got bikes, maps, and local expertise. Bring your own helmet or buy or rent one there.


Flyfishing in Breckenridge
Flyfishing in Breckenridge

You can’t cross a mountain stream without dodging a fly cast. Head to Breckenridge Outfitters for gear rentals and local tips.


Circle back to O2GearShop.com for specials on tents, bags, boots, and other camping gear. Or stop by Mountain Outfitters for short-term rentals.

For posterity

Everyone carries a phone with a camera these days, and you probably can even shoot video. But nothing compares to the point of view from a helmet/bike/anything camera. Invest in a GoPro to capture your adventure exclusively from your point of view.

The bottom line

There are no end of fall activities out your Breckenridge back door. The weather can change quickly this time of year, so it’s important to bring a range of clothes—from summer outfits to waterproof rain gear. Don’t forget a warm hat and gloves, and just make sure to pack clothes you can layer on top of one another. So long as you’re warm (or cool) and comfortable, you’re guaranteed to have a good adventure.

— Rachel Walker

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