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5 reasons why I love spring in Breckenridge

Breck Terrain Park April 2012

1)    5 til 5

Breck is keeping 5 chair as well as the Freeway and Park Lane terrain parks open until 5 pm on the Fridays in spring! In the afternoon on those days there’s fun contests with sweet prizes that are open to anyone as well as free BBQ s and generally just a real good time.

2)    Hand plants

Slushy spring days are the best time to learn and do hand plants. It doesn’t hurt when you crash and when they work they are real fun. During the winter, I never see as many hand plants around the mountain as right now. The Thrownback Throwdown will also be a great occasion to do some!

3)    Town

With the warm beautiful weather Breckenridge stays busy all through the evening into the night these days. It almost feels Mediterranean to me with people walking around town all night long, others making music in the streets and girls wearing skirts and sandals until late at night.

4)    Slush

Soft spring conditions are the best to learn anything – whether it’s better turns on the slopes, mini jibs in the small parks or big jumps on Freeway. Falling doesn’t hurt as much and injuries are less likely. Spring time is go-for-it-time!

5)    Caribbean Tan

„Silvia, how can you already have a tan? I thought you live in Breck?“ – I´ve heard that quite a few times in the last months. I love going to the Rec Center for a work out and swim, and often go into the outdoor hot tub in the end. Even just going 10 minutes every other day will give you a beach-vacation-look-alike tan in no time.

Enjoy the beautiful Breckenridge spring everyone!

-Silvia Mittermüller

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