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Insider Profile: Bringing the buzz to Breckenridge

Kristen Petitt Stewart on Opening Day at Breck

Whether Skyping in for the morning newscast, throwing a birthday party for one of the Breckenridge 50 Wish winners, or skiing with a visiting journalist at Breckenridge, each day in the communications department at Breckenridge Ski Resort brings a unique adventure or opportunity for Kristen Pettit Stewart.

As Breckenridge’s senior communications manager, Pettit Stewart handles media relations, crisis communications, and strategic public relations planning, as well as serves as an official spokesperson for the mountain resort.

Hired for her love of travel and previous experience handling public relations for the Chamber of Breckenridge, Pettit Stewart started with Vail Resorts five years ago working in international public relations. When the opportunity to work for Breckenridge doing public relations and communications for the resort became available, she found her fit.

“As glamorous as it is to travel around the world, it does get tiring. I was happy to transition into my current position three years ago,” said Pettit Stewart.

Kristen and Brad Stewart at Breckenridge
Kristen with her husband Brad.

In addition to the her PR responsibilities, Pettit Stewart and her team also manage the Breckenridge Free Ride team, made up of male and female skiers and snowboarders who represent the resort.  She works with the athletes on media training and helps them to find opportunities for photo shoots and interviews to gain exposure for them and Breckenridge as their sponsor.

The unpredictable nature and demands of her position have provided Pettit Stewart with many feel good moments. One of her favorite events all year is the Winter Dew Tour half pipe live event that never disappoints because of its amazing environment and great vibe.

At the 2011 Winter Dew Tour Pettit Stewart was present when Snowboarder Kevin Pearce, who was critically injured in a half pipe accident two years ago, took to the snow at Breckenridge and snowboarded publically for the first time since his accident.

“It was one of those feel-good moments you appreciate being a part of, there were a lot of tears, it was a big day,” she said.

But among her most treasured memories is learning to snowboard alongside her now husband and friend of 15 years when he “came to bum a free ski trip” she says. The two fell in love while taking runs and nursing their pains with ice and Ibuprofen after a long day of falling.

“I remember sitting on my snowboard with a hurt body thinking if he can do this for me, he is worth it. It’s a memory I will never forget.”

When not working or skiing, Pettit Stewart enjoys her time at home, a few short blocks from Breckenridge Main Street, with her dogs and her husband hosting people for dinner or playing scrabble.

“I travel around the world and tell people about Breck, then come home to a really special place. I work for a great company with values I appreciate and I believe in. I am truly living the dream.”

–Jaclyn Lincoln

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