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Terrain park for the first time? Here´s a online lesson.


After traveling the entire world for snowboarding for many years, I can safely say that the Breckenridge and Keystone terrain parks are the best in the world. Especially now, with rising temperatures and softer snow, the spring is the best time to try something new in the park – whether that means to hit the first box of your life or land the first 1080 of your life.

Keep reading in case you are in the “first-box-of-your-life” category – here comes a quick introduction into park snowboarding that will provide you with enough information to enter and conquer the next beginner park you come across.


Jibs are any types of features that are built of other materials than just snow – such as rails, boxes, bonks or wallrides. The best beginner jibs are well-sliding boxes, ideally as wide as your snowboard or even wider. A good beginner box is low above the ground and has a „ride-on“ takeoff , meaning you can ride onto the box and don´t need to jump over a gap to get onto it. If you find a nice beginner-friendly box, for example in Bonanza or Trygve’s Park , here is what you need to do to slide it successfully:

  1. Control your speed approaching the box with a few little turns, but stop turning on the last 10 feet before the box. Go straight then.
  2. Ride onto the box flat-based with your weight balanced on both your feet, make sure to bend your knees as much as you can the entire time
  3. Keep your knees bent and your shoulders parallel with your board. If your shoulders stay straight (front shoulder to the nose of your board, back shoulder to the tail of your board) , your board will stay straight as well.
  4. Don’t put any weight onto your edges while going onto, over and off the box. Just ride off the box, even if it´s a little drop. It all happens by itself, be confident.


The ideal beginner jump is very small, but still has a  takeoff and landing zone. The landing should be smooth without holes. A real beginner shouldn’t pick a jump that you jump further than 10-15 feet of. The jumps on Trygve’s are perfect for example.

  1. Watch other people hitting the jump. Where do they start? How many turns do they do? Copy the people that hit the jump well.
  2. Do the same amount of turns. On the last 15 feet before the jump, don’t do any more turns. Go straight with bent knees and your weight on both feel equally.
  3. Keep your weight on both feel while leaving the takeoff of the jump. Front shoulder stays over the nose and back shoulder over the tail of the board. That way you won´t drift sideways.
  4. In the air bring your knees a bit up towards to your chest. That way you can also grab your board if you like.
  5. Look at the spot where you land. Land on both feet, absorb the impact by bending your knees and keep going straight until you feel controlled again.

Sliding some little boxes and jumping some little jumps is a realistic goal fort his spring, even if you have never done anything like it before. Dare to try it on your next beautiful spring day!

 – Silvia Mittermüller

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