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Breck’s Top 10 hardest EpicMix pins

Breckenridge skiing

Can you ride every lift at Breck in a day? Or ski the Imperial Bowl 10 times? Have you snowboarded at Breck  25 times? 50 times? Attempt to get the hardest pins at Breck and you’ll have legs of steel and lungs ready for Everest.

Just see if you can get one of these pins on EpicMix this season.

Breck Summit pin on EpicMix10.  Breck Summit
Make it to the summit of Peak 8 five times in one day and you’ll not only earn one of the best views in Colorado, but you’ll earn this pin — not to mention you’ll get a chance to ski some of the most popular terrain at Breck.


7-10 Split Pin on EpicMix 9. 7-10 Split 
Breckenridge boasts four incredible peaks to ski across — all of which have their own attitude, style, and personality. Ride one chairlift on each mountain –consecutively through 7,8,9,and 10 — and you’ll unlock this pin and one heck of a story.


Peak 10 pin at Breck EpicMix8. Peak 10
The Falcon SuperChair on Peak 10 does not access any blue, green, or easy runs. Which means, if you’re brave enough to ski the Falcon five times in one day, you’re brave enough to earn this pin.  


6 Pack pin on EpicMix Breck7. 6 Pack
Just like with the Peak 10 pin, the 6 Chair at Breck doesn’t access any simple terrain, but it gives skiers and snowboarders a chance to get to some of the best terrain on the mountain. Ride the 6 Chair six times in one day and you’ll earn this pin.

EStreet Chair on EpicMix

6. E-Street
The E-Chair at Breckenridge is home to some of the most advanced terrain on the mountain including The Windows, The Back 9, and Broadway. It’s also home to some of the best powder on the mountain. Lap this lift five times and you’ll earn the E-Street pin and a massive smile on your face.

Breckinator pin on EpicMix5. Breckinator
If you’re serious about earning this pin — received for skiing 25 days in one season at Breck alone — you’ll be saying “I’ll be back,” again and again and again.

BY02 Pin on EpicMIx4. BY02
We’re not joking that you should bring your own oxygen when headed to the Imperial Express — at 12,840 feet in elevation, riding the Imperial Express lift means you’re riding the highest chairlift in North America. Ride it ten times, and that’s when you have some bragging rights.

Multi Millionaire pin on EpicMix3. Multi-Millionaire
For most people, getting 20,000 vertical feet in a day is pretty legendary. So if you are legendary for a 100 days in one season, you could get this pin — but it’s no simple task. Ski 2 million vertical feet at Breck in one season, and you’ll get this pin, you just may not have a full-time job anymore.

Tom's Baby on EpicMix2. Tom’s Baby
What’s your goal for ski days this season? 10? 15? If you are even serious about your season, you should shoot for 50. Get all 50 at Breckenridge and you’ll earn this pin, named after an infamous gold nugget found in Breck in the early days of mining.

Breck Conqueror pin on epicMix1. Breckenridge Conqueror
There are 31 lifts at Breckenridge across four peaks going all the way up to 12,840 feet. Think you can ski them all in a season? That’s nice but try doing it in one day. Ride them all in a day and you’ll earn the Breckenridge Conqueror pin. Hint: go with a plan to go big.  

-Morgan Bast

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  1. Krysta Parr

    I kinda want to try to get one of these..haha.

    • Krysta Parr

      Ben Swimmer you did say you wanted to go to breck soon…haha

    • Its on lol

    • Donny Wolfe

      if i can find a day i can actually afford to miss during the week when these are possible, im super down lol

  2. Jon Saari

    Today I rode Independence, Rips, Beaver Run, and Falcon but did not earn 7-10 split. WTF? That's one chair on peaks 7 thru 10 in order?

    • Oteka Stevens McClain

      Has to be only 4 rides total if you ride any extra it doesn't count

  3. I went for Breck Conqueror yesterday and got it… Until I saw on the EpicMix site that it's been retired… Also thought I would get 7-10 split, until it is clearly ONLY ONE lift on each peak. Makes for a short day.

    In the process, I also earned Sixth Sense, Zero G, Black Belt and Local's Secret

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