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50 Wishes coming true in Breckenridge

Breckenridge Ski Resort is celebrating its 50th anniversary with guests all season through the Breck 50 Wishes campaign.

Since November, guests have submitted more than 1,200 wishes through Facebook that they’d like to see fulfilled at the resort. Breck staffers have been busy compiling requests, granting 10 wishes so far.

Twins received complimentary lift tickets for their 50th birthday, which happened to fall on Breck Ski Resort’s 50th on Dec. 16, 2011. A Hurricane Katrina survivor and 18 family members enjoyed a sleigh ride and a couple who lost their jobs last year will receive seven-day lift tickets.

“We are loving everyone’s unique and heart-warming wishes. You can tell that the community and our guests really feel like they are a part of our 50 year history and their wishes reflect that,” said Morgan Bast, Breckenridge Ski Resort Online Marketing Manager. “It truly is an honor to grant these wishes and celebrate this momentous occasion!” Breck 50 Wishes

With more than 67,000 Facebook fans, 50 Wishes has gathered considerable online interest. Wish hopefuls submit songs, raps, haikus and stories about trials and triumphs, mostly asking to visit Breckenridge and help out someone in their family who has had a rough year.

Wishes & More, a Minnesota-based children’s foundation, asked Breck to grant cancer survivor Natalie’s (the organization requested her last name be withheld) wish to snowboard with her mom, dad and older brother. Natalie, 18, is in remission from Ewings sarcoma — a rare form of bone cancer that strikes children and young adults. The Minneapolis teen’s wish came true when the organization passed it along to Breckenridge.

“The family had a wonderful time in Breck the first week in January,” Wishes & More president Karla Blomberg said. “It was everything they hoped it would be.”

When Breck asked Facebook fans to tell them who should win first tracks on the mountain last Saturday, Craig Mahonchak (pictured above with his son and Ripperoo) offered up the winning answer, telling the resort January 14 is his wife and son’s birthday and “for all the times my wife has sat in the lodge with my younger daughter while I hit the slopes, I would love to be able to give her this amazing opportunity.”

The day was one his six-year-old son will never forget, Mahonchak said.

“Between getting the mountain basically to ourselves for an hour, to the amazing brunch at T-Bar, followed up by skiing just about half the day with Ripperoo and topping that all off with eating birthday cake at Ripperoo’s forest, my son has said this was absolutely the best birthday he has ever had,” Mahonchak said.

Go ahead, make someone’s day — or year — and submit your wish now through April 15 on Breck Ski Resort’s Facebook page.

— Lisa Pogue

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