Terrain Parks

Terrain parks and the Breck Pro team at Breckenridge

Silvia riding the Breck gondola

A German´s guide to Breck

I’m originally from Munich, Germany – City of beergardens and Oktoberfest, of two surf-able river waves, of majestic old churches and castles with the Alps in visible distance on a sunny day… Why would I spend more time in Breckenridge than my beautiful home city these days? Breckenridge makes it easier for me to find… Read More

EricWillett in China

Eric Willett’s top travel tips

A member of the Breck Epic Team, Eric Willett accounts his journeys as a professional athlete here. To read more from Eric, search his name in the top right, or click here.  To me, traveling is just as fun as snowboarding. I love everything about it — hanging out in airports, flying, and getting to… Read More

Skiing Freeway at Breck

Banks Gilberti: Who I am – Eight Seasons in Breck

Eight seasons. It’s mind numbing to think that it’s been eight winters living in Breckenridge. It absolutely flew by. I grew up in the small town of Hailey, Idaho. A cow-town to say the least but luckily graced with one bad-to-the-bone ski mountain. Colorado was always in my blood, though. I was born in Denver… Read More

Breck Boxing Day

How to spend Boxing Day in Breck

Many of you may say, “What is Boxing Day?” In Britain, Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses or employers. Back then these gifts were known as a “Christmas box.” Today, Boxing Day is better known as a bank or public holiday that… Read More

Cody Cirillo at Breck

Balancing life, school, and professional skiing

I’m not your typical professional skier- there are many other facets to my life and balancing them all takes quite some effort. During the fall, I attend the University of Southern California (USC), in Los Angeles, where I am a Pre-Med student. I take a full amount of credits in order to fulfill my obligations… Read More

Silvia Injury

Injury and Competition – How I’m doing

I always felt like injuries were life’s way of teaching us to appreciate the little things. Walking. Carrying a cup of tea from point A to B. Sleeping without pain. Swimming. After 3 blown-out knees, I had learned that lesson well. But apparently not well enough. Or maybe it’s not a life lesson and I… Read More


Breck Epic Team prepares for Sochi at the Dew Tour

Breck Epic Team athletes took advantage of the season’s first Olympic selection event being held in their hometown with a strong showing in last week’s Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships. Slopestyle has been added to the roster for this year’s Olympics, and Breck athletes made their presence known in the new discipline as the official… Read More

Slopestyle course at Dew Tour

Dew Tour pros talk slopestyle’s Olympic debut

Often dubbed “park rats” because of their tendency to spend the majority of their on-mountain time hiking terrain parks and honing new tricks off jumps and rails, slopestyle athletes can’t wait to showcase their talent – and grow their sport – on the world stage this February. “I’m so excited that they added slopestyle to… Read More

Sequence 01.Still001

That’s a wrap for the 2013 Dew Tour at Breck [video]

The last five days at Breck have been packed with non-stop action, as the 2013 winter Dew Tour comes to a close. There’s been predictable victories, and well as some crazy surprises. Hopefully you were able to catch some of the competition live at the mountain, or on NBC. A huge shout out to the… Read More