Breckenridge terrain

Ski Safely with Helmets

Top 10 tips for skiing and snowboarding safely

This week kicks off Breck’s annual Safety Week. From January 19 to January 25, attend events around the mountain to learn the Skier Responsibility Code and have fun during your visit. Here are 10 tips to staying safe on the hill: 1. Know the Code. Brush up on the Skier and Snowboard Responsibility Code this… Read More

Gor Pro Groomers

Where do the groomers take you? [photos]

Everyone likes a great groomed run. From park skiers to mountain cruisers, a groomed run offers the feeling of ultimate control. Breck has received an incredible amount of snow this season and the base couldn’t be any better right now. With bluebird skies and sunny days, where will your groomed run take you? –Michael Suleiman

5 Peaks in Breckenridge, CO.

What you need to know about Breckenridge’s Five Peaks

You know that allegory about the three blind men describing an elephant? One is at the head and insists an elephant is all trunk; the other is at the elephant’s middle and describes the animal’s skin, thick and tough, and the third is at the tail—for him, the elephant is a whispy thing. Breckenridge can… Read More

Peak 6 Hiking

The “Low Down” on Peak 6

Wait, there’s another new peak at Breckenridge? Yes, and it is glorious! Imagine entering a new world, one with expansive bowls and endless glades. 543 acres of new terrain; it sure is beautiful. But before making the trek over to Peak 6, make sure to take note of these runs to get the full experience…. Read More

Silvia riding the Breck gondola

A German´s guide to Breck

I’m originally from Munich, Germany – City of beergardens and Oktoberfest, of two surf-able river waves, of majestic old churches and castles with the Alps in visible distance on a sunny day… Why would I spend more time in Breckenridge than my beautiful home city these days? Breckenridge makes it easier for me to find… Read More

Powder Day at Breck

Powder! Jan. 4, 2014 Run of the Day: Tiger [video]

Powder…a lot of powder!  With 10 inches of snow in roughly 4 hours, it was a good day to be at Breckenridge. This season just keeps on giving! This video was filmed on Tiger. To get to Tiger take either the Peak 8 SuperConnect or the Colorado SuperChair. Tiger is located under the SuperConnect. Head… Read More

Ripperoo at Breck

Ask Ripperoo: January 2014 Slope Safety Month

Ripperoo, the official mascot of Breckenridge, loves to interact with guests of all ages.  You can ask Rip a question here, and maybe you’ll see your name in the Mailbag!  Otherwise, the questions will just get made up.  This week, Ripperoo fields questions about safety: Dear Ripperoo: I learned so much about safety from your last… Read More

Breckenridge Mountain Tours

Guided tours at Breck: What you need to know

Transcend a day of skiing or snowboarding at Breckenridge Ski Resort into an educational adventure with a guided mountain tour. Breckenridge guided tours pair groups of guests with knowledgeable ambassadors, rangers and guides trained to give you an inside look at mountain nooks and crannies that locals spend years seeking and skiing. Here are three… Read More

Powder Skiing on Chair 6

Powder! Dec. 29, 2013 Run of the Day: Snowbird [video]

Powder day! 5 light inches of snow fell at Breck last night. Chair 6 was incredible as you can see in this video. To get to Chair 6 simply head down Frosty’s Freeway on Peak 8. Frosty’s Freeway starts just skiers right of the Vista Haus. Chair 6 is expert terrain only.   –Michael Suleiman