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Skier in Terrain Park Breckenridge

Ski season fitness starts in the pre-season

The first day back on skis is always “good,” regardless of how fit you are. The feeling of being on skis satisfies a craving like chocolate after a hard day. But we don’t just want “good”; Breckenridge skiers want an experience of a lifetime. So how do you make a good first day on the… Read More


4 fall outings for the whole family

This writer, for one, will never understand why some folks call fall the “Off Season.” Sure, up here in Breckenridge it’s the time of year when a little too cold and wet to mountain bike and the slopes aren’t open yet, when the river’s too low to float and the puffy jackets start coming out… Read More

Taste the Spirits of Breck at Craft Spirits Festival

There’s a new kind of gold in the hills around Breckenridge: Craft spirits and distilleries, micro operations churning out distinctive liquors to an appreciative and thirsty audience. In town alone Breckenridge Distillery holds court among a young and trendy demographic, folks who prefer to sip whiskey instead of guzzle cheap beer. But the local distillery… Read More

This snow stuff is awesome!

Breck sees the first snow: Sept. 23, 2013

The first (real) snow of the season hit Breckenridge last night as locals, puppies, and other people began to ready themselves for winter. The leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping making for ideal conditions for some photographs of the area. –Morgan Bast

Inside the Creation of Peak 6 Part One: Where Lifts Are Born [video]

Construction on Peak 6 has officially begun. Watch as we follow the trails teams, lift teams, safety teams, and more as Peak 6 joins Breckenridge Ski Resort for the 2013-2014 ski season. In episode one of our 6 part, all-GoPro video series we visit Leitner Poma in Grand Junction. Colorado to check in on how… Read More

The Village at Breckenridge

Breck Clean-Up Day 2013 [video]

Time for a Spring Cleaning! Every June, Breckenridge invites employees and locals to come spend the day outside, while making the place we know and love look great for summer! Its not just trash thats picked up, but some interesting treasures as well! Check out what they found durring Clean-Up Day 2013

Couple Hiking in Summer at Breckenridge

How to Gear Up for Breck in the Fall

In the winter, folks sometimes call it “Breckenfridge” for the cold Colorado air. Stick around for powder season and you’ll understand. But in the fall, when the aspen leaves crisp into a golden hew and the rivers take on a lazy meander, the weather is absolutely perfect. Daytime highs around 70 degrees. Nighttime lows in… Read More

Breckenridge Gondola in the fall

Top 9 reasons to visit Breck in October

Ahhhh, the off season. It’s that precious sliver of time between high summer and high winter. It’s when restaurants offer sweet dining deals, hotels and condos cut their prices, and all the tourists go home. It’s October in the mountains. Just because Labor Day is four weeks past doesn’t mean the mountains are off-limits until ski season… Read More

Breckenridge Lodging specials spring

Breckenridge off-season specials

The lifts have stopped running, but it’s still a good time to head to the mountains. Why? It’s actually snowing up there right now. If you’re willing to walk uphill a bit, you’ll get some of the powder that eluded us most of the season. Exercise and skiing aside, perhaps the best-kept local’s secret is… Read More