A guide to Breck’s The Burn run

The Burn

Are you the type of skier or boarder who loves cruising in the trees? Do you live for those epic powder days in the glades? Look no further, because this is your guide to Breck’s The Burn. The Burn is arguably one of Breckenridge’s most well known tree runs. Whereas most would want to avoid trails like this and run to their secret stashes for this reason alone, The Burn is so massive that there is plenty of snowy terrain to go around.

The Burn
Looking down The Burn.

Accessing The Burn

To access this single black diamond on Peak 10, you’ll first want to get to Peak 9. From pretty much any chair on Peak 9 (other than the Peak 8 Superconnect), you can get to Peak 10’s only lift, the Falcon Superchair. Crystal is the groomed trail that runs directly underneath Falcon. On the skier’s left of Crystal, there are several entrances to The Burn that are clearly marked with trail signs. Take your pick as to where to drop in. I find that it’s best to scope out the fresh snow during the lift ride up.

The Burn steepness
Inside The Burn.

Terrain and conditions

Most of the terrain on Peak 10 is classified as a single or double black diamond. While The Burn is only classified as a single diamond, there are some very challenging sections, depending on how you choose to get down. Don’t be fooled by the top section, as it appears to be low angle with widely spaced trees. This changes quite quickly and the further to the skier’s right that you go, the steeper the slope and the tighter the trees. The skier’s right is often where the best snow is left over after a storm, but as I mentioned, the terrain is more technical. For those who like to cruise at a faster pace, through the more widely spaced trees, look to the left side. It’s a little more open there.

Best time to go

The best time to go to The Burn is early in the morning. I know that this seems like a given, but if it has snowed the night before, you’ll have first tracks through fresh powder on any type of varied terrain this run has to offer. As the day goes on, move more toward the less open areas for those powder stashes. There are plenty on this run.

Looking for that epic tree skiing with tons of soft snow and technical terrain? You’ll find it all on The Burn.

–Chris Burton