Another beautiful day at Breck Mar. 14, 2013

Today is going to be another beautiful day at Breck. This morning’s epic sunrise will set up a nice day of bluebird skies and a high temperature of around 38 degrees fahrenheit. Today is certainly a great day to get out on the mountain for some turns. We do expect the temperature to drop and to see some snow over the upcoming weekend. Check out the gallery from this morning and take a look at the OpenSnow forecast by clicking here.

  • Sunrise
    Sunrise from the base of Peak 8.
  • Peak 8
    The sun is coming up.
  • Shadows
    Shadows on Spruce.
  • Rocky Mountain Chair
    View from the Rocky Mountain Superchair.
  • Northstar
    The top of Northstar.
  • Peak 7
    Heading toward Peak 7.
  • Claimjumper
    Looking up Claimjumper.
  • Claimjumper view
    Claimjumper is great today!
  • Corduroy
    Fresh corduroy.
  • View from Peak 8
    Looking at Mt. Baldy from Peak 8.
  • 4 O'Clock Run
    Looking up 4 O'Clock Run.