Top 10 hardest runs at Breck

Skiing at Breckenridge

From high consequence rocky chutes to steep mogul pitches, here are the top ten hardest runs at Breckenridge Resort.

10. Twin Chutes
This low-traffic, gladed ski run is worth the challenging, often wind-scoured, chilly hike it takes to reach the top.  The farthest twin is usually the least visited and most rewarding for powder seekers. This steep pitch funnels skiers into the bumpy and tricky run known as Rick’s Run Out.

9. Dark Rider
The south side of Peak 10 is home to steep mogul runs, tree skiing, and cliff drops. Dark Rider offers a steep pitch with unforgiving moguls.  A local’s favorite — “Dark Rider Rock”— is a cliff located between Dark Rider and Mustang, sending daredevils into the vast bump fields below.

8. Magic Carpet to Art’s Bowl  Skiing at Breckenridge
 All of the runs off North America’s highest lift, Imperial Chair, are tough due to the almost 13,000 feet of elevation. Skiers and boarders can enjoy one of the longest runs at Breckenridge by traversing to Magic Carpet, a double fall-line, chalky run, into the steep descent of Art’s Bowl.  This 1,000 plus vertical high-speed run will test the legs of seasoned athletes.

7. Lulu
Lulu, accessible from the top of T-Bar, is the steepest part of Horseshoe Bowl.  Skier’s left is littered with cliffs such as “Lulu Rock,” creating a menacing looking slope and offering creative line choices to those who dare to pick their way through.

6.  Devils Crotch
The runs off E Chair are leg and lung burners. Devil’s Crotch, as the name hints, is no walk on the beach. From atop Peak 9, a drop into the never-groomed, tight mogul run, will quickly deter inexperienced skiers.

5. Tom’s Baby
 Running directly under E Chair, this local’s favorite is perfect for showboating skiers. Tom’s baby covers the steepest part of E Chair and often sluffs to the rock and dirt below it. Enjoy tight moguls, and around 900 vertical feet of hard charging fun.

4. Needle’s Eye 

Needle's Eye run in Breckenridge.
The author in front of Needle’s Eye in Breck.

This rather unknown trail is tucked away past The Doors. Like the name suggests, after negotiating through the hidden entrance and tight trees, riders thread the needle down a narrow cut on northern Peak 9.

3. Ivan’s
The Lake Chutes are as challenging to get to as they are to ski down. The cold, high elevation hike off the top of Imperial Chair exhausts even the fittest athletes.  Just skier’s left of the more friendly, Zoot Chute, is the steep and rocky descent of Ivan’s. Partway down, looms the infamous “Pyramid” cliff. Test your skills on this 20 plus foot drop.

2. Wacky’s
 The last Lake Chute before Snow White is arguably one of the toughest. Wacky’s is a steep, technical descent that sometimes, depending on snowfall, requires mandatory air to exit.  Variable snow conditions can make this powdery run sometimes icy and thrilling.

1. Nine Lives
At over 50 degrees at its steepest point, Nine Lives is one of the steepest in-bounds runs in Colorado. After negotiating a large cornice at the top, skiers on Nine Lives skiers must make their way through multiple cliff bands. The toughest run on the mountain offers a chance for a fast, quick double drop exit or a technical Billy Goat style run.

Think you can take on or conquer any of these runs at Breck? Boast about it in the comments below.

— Jesse Ambrogi-Yansen